[SEA] [Event] Research Assistance Event!

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Dear Cabalists,

We have a new event for you!  Elemental essences have been seeping into Nevareth and we need the strongest heroes to gather them up for further tests!  In exchange for any contributions, NPC YUL will provide a Gift Box which can yield powerful items for those fortunate enough!  All you need to do is collect 2 of each items, Mote of Water, Snow, Lightning and Air to exchange for a gift box that can potentially get you a Minesta’s Diamond Charm, Astral Board – K Red Crystal Edition and many more!

NPC YUL will be stationed in Green Despair from 4th of September till the 25th of September (3 weeks).  Hurry up while help is still needed!

– CabalSEA Administrator

You can check the appearance of K-Red Crystal ingame here : https://mrwormy.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/fun-sneak-peek-of-k-red-crystal/


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