[KR] [EP10] Sep 05th 2012 Patch notes

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▶ Public Servers

■ Fixes
1. Defeating player in waiting time or resurrection time in PVP caused error in some situation
■ Changes
1. Removal of drop : Mutant Energy Ball
2. Decrease Alz drop chance from monsters in Fort Ruina
3. Changes related to “Cabal Global Camp” event (for Korean Cabal Only)

  • Change the price of selling “Camp Invitation Piece” into NPC Shop to 15,000 Alz
  • Change the “Camp Invitaion” to tradable
    • All current possesed “Camp Invitation” property will be changed after first login

▶ Test Server

■ Fixes

1. SP did not regenerate while using Dance social skills
2. Evasion was applied abnormally for skills and items

■ Changes
1. Stats of monsters in Fields / Dungeons changed

  • For improving the result of test, respawn time of bosses is reduced to 10 minutes
    • Changes and Adjustments for monsters / boss stats will be applied during test period

2. Raise the Add Damage for Expert skills
3. Raising the base attack of battle modes for Force Archer and Force Shielder
4. Adjust the Amp increase for single target attack skills of Blader and Force Archer
5. Changes related to Upgrade Skills

  • Increase stats of Attack / Magic Attack / Defense Upgrade skills
  • Decrease stats of Attack Rate / Defense Rate Upgrade skills

6. Changes related to Buff Skills

  • Increase the Attack reduction of Wizard skill : Weaken
  • Increase the Attack of Force Blader skill : Enchant Blade
  • Increase the Attack of Force Shielder skill : Mighty Wish
  • Increase the Defense Rate of  Force Shielder skill : Astral Shield


7. Changes related to Stats

  • Amount of Defense Rate raised base on DEX lowered
  • Amount of Damage reduction raised base on INT increased

8. Increase the value of Attack / Magic Attack which is granted by force option slot

  • Old : 2 (for 1h-weapon / gloves – x2 for 2h-weapon)
  • Change : 5 (for 1h-weapon / gloves – x2 for 2h-weapon)

9. Minor changes to Achievement system

  • Change the conditions of some Shared Achievements

■ Additions
1. Monsters damage receiving testing

  • They add some “Relic Statues” in Green Despair (8x) for testing stats (here is the screenshots), each Statue has specified stats (Def / Def Rate / Evasion)


  1. Wormy,
    Regarding Changes No,5 and No.8

    The Upgrade skill, Is that refer to the third tab on our skill box?

    How about the extended attack bonus for the new changes? [Old : 2(5) New : 5(?)]


    1. no info about extended value atm, i have no slot extender to try it out >_< will inform every1 asap

      yep, upgrade skills = 3rd tab, check the post, i've added the image 🙂


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