[EU] [Event] Cabal Online Game of Chance

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As [GM]Viral mentioned:

This will be announced… today? 🙂

If not today, then tomorrow 🙂 I have the names of all the winners, but I need to have the accounts checked for various things before announcing.

Do you think that you could be the winner?

Check the details of event below


This is the big one! All you have to do to enter is earn 200 AP* during the event time, and you will be automatically entered into the draw for one of the following amazing prizes:

  • Three people will each win a Razer Megalodon Gaming headset
  • Nine people will each win a high-quality CABAL Online print (Canvas, 50x76cm) with cool artwork from the 3rd Awakening update.
  • Twelve people (one per server) will each win their choice of Drei Frame item (Boots, Gloves or Suit) set to +15 with 15% Skill Amp!

Earn 200 AP and you are automatically entered to win! Winners will be selected by random draw, and will be announced after the Anniversary Event is over.

*One entry per account

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