[EU] [Cash Shop] New Items in the Shop!

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The following great items are now available in the Item Shop*

AP & DP Savers

These amazing items allow you to store (or trade, if you were so inclined) the AP and DP that you’ve earned.

AP Saver

  • Can store up to 700 AP
  • Stores all of your current AP into the Saver on use
  • Can only be used to save AP once, so if you have 600 AP you will have an AP Saver with 600 AP, and 0 AP on your character after using a Saver
  • Using an AP saver can temporarily add more than 700 AP to your character. While you have more than 700 AP you cannot earn more AP, or use an AP saver to store / add AP
  • Example: A character with 300 AP uses an AP saver with 700 AP stored. That character will then have 1000 AP.

DP Saver

  • Can Store up to 100 DP
  • Stores ALL your current DP in the Saver on use
  • Can temporarily add more than 100 DP to your character
  • DP expires as normal once a DP Saver is used to add DP
  • DP Saver can only store DP once, so if you have 50 DP and use a DP Saver you will have a Saver with 50 DP and 0 DP on your character

Neither the AP nor DP Saver are binding, and can be traded.

LOCATION: Hot&New or Consumables >> Convenient Items
PRICE: 2500 CC

Inexhaustible Potions

These potions are not consumed on use! With a duration of 7 Days these Account Binding items will save you inventory space, and you will never have to be afraid of running out of potions in the middle of a dungeon! With both HP and MP potions available from level 1 to level 4, there is a potion for every level of character.

These items are Account Binding

LOCATION: Consumables >> Potions

  • 3000 CC (level 4)
  • 2200 CC (level 3)
  • 600 CC (level 2)
  • 300 CC (level 1)
Infinite Summon Gems

If you have come to rely on your Mercenary in dungeons the following items will be exactly what you are looking for! Just like the Inexhaustible Potions these Infinite Summoning Gems are not consumed on use! Pick the one you need, and for one week you can summon your Mercenary companion as much as you want, without paying any Alz for it!

These items are Account Binding.

LOCATION: Consumables >> Convenient Items

  • 1200 CC (Unique)
  • 400 CC (Epic)
  • 200 CC (Rare – to be added later)
  • 100 CC (Normal)
Slot Extender High

With the Highest Slot Extenders becoming increasingly common it is time for the Slot Extender High to join, after many years, the Slot Extender Medium in the shop. This powerful item will add an extra slot to your gear, from Osmium to SIGMetal grade, but by doing so the item becomes Account Binding. It also cannot be used on gear that has already been extended.

Note: The extender is Account Binding.

LOCATION: Hot&New or Consumables >> Cores and Extenders
PRICE: 90000 CC

Leap of Hero

Instantly warp to a party member on a map or dungeon! The Leap of Hero will transport you to a member of your party, as long as you are on the same map or inside the same dungeon.

This is an Account Binding item.

LOCATION: Consumables >> Convenient Items
PRICE: 1800 CC (10-pack)

*Items will be introduced into all 5 shops through the week.

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