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[SEA] [Event] Safeguard & Upgrade Event

Source : Cabal SEA Homepage


Dear Cabalists,
You asked for it, and we have heard you!  We will be reintroducing Enchantment Safeguards to the Cash Shop to aid players in their pursuit of higher grade equipment!
Enchantment Safeguard (Low), (Medium) and (High) will be available in the Cash Shop from 8th May 5.30pm to 21st May 5.30pm and there will be certain limitations will be imposed.
For the Enchantment Safeguard (High), purchases are limited to 30 units per account, account binding.  There are no restrictions for (Low) and (Medium) flavours of the item.
Enchantment Safeguards will be solely available through the CabalSEA Cash Shop, and the prices per unit are as below :
Enchantment Safeguard (Low) – 3,600 @Cash

Enchantment Safeguard (Medium) – 7,100 @Cash

Enchantment Safeguard (High) – 19,600 @Cash

We will also be offering a promotion for Core Enhancer (High) and Core Enhancer (Highest) during this period to further increase your chance of a successful upgrade.
Core Enhancer (High) will be priced at 1,200 @Cash for a single unit, and 10,500 @Cash for a bundle of 10 units.   Core Enhancer (Highest) will be priced at 1,500 @Cash for a single unit, and 14,100 @Cash for a bundle of 10 units.

These prices are only applicable if bought DIRECTLY from the Cash Shop, and not from the NPC Cash Sop.


Dear Cabalists,
Back by popular demand, we introduce to you the Upgrade Event!  Heroes of Nevareth can purchase extremely rare SIGMetal pieces from NPC Yul for the duration of the promotion!
A full set of SIGMetal equipment will be made available to all adventurers (except Epaulets) and resilient blacksmiths will be able to permanently don these armourshould they get it to +13.
Please do note that should you extend these equipment before reaching +13, the item will NOT be permanent even if you do reach +13 AFTER extending.

There is also the Easter Event that is happening right now! Collect Easter Eggs that drop from monsters and exchange them for a chance at some rare items!  Both events will run concurantly on the below dates.
Event Duration : 8th May – 29th May (3 weeks)

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