[KR] [EP9] Patch notes May 9th, 10th and 11th 2012

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Hmm may be too late, below are patch notes from KR Cabal of May 9th, 10th and 11th 2012. Last week I have to do so many things, not much time for working with those notes. Anyways, no more blah blah, let’s focus on the notes 🙂

Please notice that the orange color texts mean those feature are being tested in the Test Server. They are not available in the public server and they are subject to be changed in the future.

May 09th 2012

■  Fixes

1. Fix the bug that caused dropping old Shape Cartridges in Lakeside and Tower of Dead B2F

2. Purchasing items in Auction House caused error, fixed the bug

3. Auction House caused error when trying to search by clicking Favorite buttons

4. Pet in the additional slot (while using Pet Slot Extender) still can receive Pet EXP after the Pet Slot Extender expired, bug is fixed

5. Effect icon is still maintained when the buff has been released already, bug is fixed

6. Achievement Point gains abnormally, bug is fixed

7. Can not release buffs, bug is fixed

8. Bug related to the Requesting system, can not use Chloe’s Token for registering recipe

9. Bug related to the Achievement Rank system, the name of character is displayed incorrectly

10. Press hot key F to bring the Manufacturing UI caused client disconnection, bug is fixed

■  Changes

1. Charm related changes

  • Change the Extend duration of Battle Mode option
  • Additional Achievement / Title related to Charm

2. Stain clone turned into Reflection Stone

  • On logging in, all old Stain Clones will be turned automatically to Reflection Stones

3. Change the Request to manufacture Stain Clone set

  • The materials have the property Character Binding

4. Changes related to Lotto Coin

  • Different recipes can be choosen based on the expected result (amount of Alz)
  • Change the property of Potion of Luck : Can not be sold to NPC / Can not be traded

5. Change the background music of mission field Arcane Trace (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1PQxw3omFM&feature=youtu.be)

6. Change the message when player tried to to register a recipe which needs higher Favor Point

7. Change the Request icon of some

  • Stein Clone Set
  • Disc Refining
  • Shape Cartridge Refining
  • Lotto Coin
  • Astral Core (Mithril) / Astral Core (Blue Mithril)

8. Change result of extracting items

  • Old : Items from Bluestin – Mithirl give Material Core / Quartz Core
  • Change : Items from Bluestin – Mithirl give Astral Core

■  Additions

1. Achievement related changes

i, Add overview mode (Achievement Rank)

  • Allow viewing the last accomplished achievements of your character, you buddy, your guild
  • The list will be updated real-time
  • Maximum items can be displayed : 100
  • In each category : The best character will be displayed, who got the highest Achievement Point

ii, Achievement Ranking

  • Rank based on the Achievement Point
  • Updated every hour
  • Maximum items can be displayed : 100 characters
iii, Notification
  • Change the effect of appearing Achievement notification
    • System message will be displayed for people in a certain range
      • In the Mission War, the notification won’t be displayed

2. Manufacturing System : Weapon

i) Manufacturing Level

  • Proficiency of manufacturing items is now determined by 11 levels

ii) Item grades separation

  • As the output of Manufacturing System, there are 
    • General Item
    • Master Item (aka Meister in previous posts)
    • So from Bluestin – Mithirl there are 14 grades of items
  • General item: Using general material while manufacturing
    • To produce weapons in different levels with different options
    • There is chance to get additional options regardless to the item grade
  • Master Item: Required General item (2 slot) and other materials to manufacture

iii) Skills and Energy

  • There are separated skills for each kind of item
  • Depending on the item, different amount of energy will be consumed when trying to manufacture
  • The skill point will be raised by 1 when the manufacturing process is failed
  • Even when failed, the consumed energy would not be returned
  • Based on the level of Weapon Manufacturing, character can or can not craft 2-slot items (take a look at below table)

* Armor and accessories production is expected to be updated at a later date.

May 10th 2012

■  Fixes

1.  Fix the bug that caused some antivirus programs detect Cabal execution file as the virus / malware

■  Changes

1. Change the way of displaying Achievement

  • Old : When the Achievement is gained, the system message will be displayed to the all around players
  • Change: Display for party / small area of nearby players

May 11th 2012

■  Changes

1. Change the structure of Item Manufacturing System

i, Change the structure of System

  • Old : 20 CategoriesNew : 38 Categories
    • Weapon : 6
    • Armor : 12
    • Accessory : 2
      • Player who managed to obtain some Categories of the old Crafting System will be converted to new Manufacturing System

ii) Increase the number of Manufacturing Categories, a character can obtain

  • Old : 4 slots
  • Change : 6 slots
    • There are quests to get Master’s Token as reward.

2. Change related to General Weapon manufacturing

  • Allow batch producing, change option details and levels

3. Lowered the energy gained by leveling between manufacturing grades

4. Change the image of Lottery Coin

■  Additions

1. Add the Armor Manufacturing System

  • Number of category : 12
    • Plate
    • Gauntlets
    • Greaves
    • Visor
    • Coat
    • Gloves
    • Boots
    • Headgear
    • Suit
    • Hands
    • Shoes
    • Headpiece
  • How to manufacture item:
    • Artisan Item : Produce with common materials
    • Craftman Item : Artisan Item with Top-Epic option
    • Master Item : Items with 3 options

2. Add the Accessory Manufacturing System

  • Number of category : 2
    • Ring
    • Amulet
  • Old recipe can still be done in the new Manufacturing System
    • Some materials change (quantity of Discs / Jewels)

* Currently in the Manufacturing System, regardless of skill level, all accessories can be made, this is subject to change in the future

3.  The Manufacturing System will be changed

  • New rings and amulet recipes are in reviewing progress
  • All materials related to the Manufacturing System can be changed continuously for testing / refining / adjusting purpose 

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