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Update Date: 07.05.2012 (Maintenance expected to start at 06:00 CABAL Time)
Version: 593
Language: All language versions

Manual Patch: To be released

German Patch Notes – available soon
Spanish Patch Notes
available soon
Italian Patch Notes
available soon
French Patch Notes
available soon


  1. Battle Mode 3
  2. Hazardous Valley [DX]
  3. New Items
  4. Appearance Changing System
  5. Achievement and Title System
  6. Quest Capsule System
  7. New Mercenaries
  8. Other Additions
  9. Changes
  10. Corrections
  11. Mission War
Battle Mode 3

Battle Mode 3

  • Battle Mode 3 Skill is added to the ‘Special’ tab in the Skill Window
  • The following Battle Mode 3 Skills added:
    • Basic Attack A
    • Basic Attack B
    • Fatal Attack I
    • Fatal Attack II
    • Fatal Attack III
  • Battle Mode 3 requires 5,000 SP (one full bar) to activate
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill Use
    • Basic Attack A and B can be used
    • Basic Attacks hitting within 4 seconds counts as a combo attack
    • Fatal Attack 1 is activated once a 4-hit combo is reached
    • The order of Basic Attack A or B use does not matter to activate a Fatal Attack
    • Fatal Attacks are activated in order (if available): Fatal Attack I –> Fatal Attack II –> Fatal Attack III
    • Fatal Attacks do not miss

Battle Mode 3 Skills for each Battle Style

  • The Battle Mode 3 stats increase with each completed BSLU
  • If Battle Mode 3 is activated with more than 25,000 SP available at the time of activation Battle Mode 3 skill gains a +1 bonus
    • Example:
      • A Warrior level 130, BSLV 14, with 25,000 SP activates Axe Destroyer – the attack bonus will rise to 380
      • 380 = Basic stats (320) + (Raising stats per BSLU (30) x Battle Mode 3 level (1+1))
      • 380 = 320 + (30 x 2)

Gaining Battle Mode 3

  • Skill Books for Battle Mode 3 are crafted by a combination of Stain Clones, Trance Force and Minesta Craft Stones
  • Stain Clones are gained by completing quests from Quest Capsules
  • Craft Material
  • Click here to view the original image of 794x175px.
  • Required materials for each stage of Battle Mode 3 (crafting books has a 100% success rate)
  • Click here to view the original image of 662x216px.
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill books should be trained in sequence, and you cannot train a higher level skill if you have not trained the lower level one.
  • The first skill book will train the activation skill, Basic Attack A&B, and Fatal Attack I

Battle Mode 3 Quests

Synergy Effect

  • The order in which you use Basic Attack A and B activates certain Synergy effects
  • Applying the same synergy repeatedly will amplify the effect of it
    • Applying twice: Effects x 1.5
    • Applying three times: Effects x 2
  • The Synergy Effect duration will be applied separately when they overlap
    • If Synergy B activates when Synergy A has 5 seconds left, they will each end at their own duration
    • Overlapping effects are only applied while the synergies overlap
  • Synergy Duration:
    • Warrior: 15 seconds
    • Force Archer / Force Shielder: 13 seconds
    • Blader / Wizard / Force Blader: 12 seconds


Hazardous Valley

At the source of the river flowing through the dense jungles of Nevareth you will find the Hazardous Valley. Hidden for many centuries this lethal valley has recently been rediscovered. The time has come to take up your weapons and explore!


  • Required Level: 155
  • Entrance Item: Nearly-hatching Egg
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy/Normal/Hard
  • Introduction Quest: Celestial Tragedy
  • Dungeon Points: 2-4, depending on difficulty
  • Penalty on failure: None
  • Location: Green Despair Wriggleleaf area
  • Entry Item obtained: Only available for purchase from Libert, Green Despair Grocer for 2,800,000 Alz

The following can be obtained from Hazardous Valley.

  • Easy
    • Redosmium / Topaz Weapons
    • Epaulette +7
    • Ring of Luck +3
    • Critical Ring +3
  • Normal
    • SIGMetal Weapons
    • SIGMetal Epaulette
    • Ring of Luck +3
    • Critical Ring +3
  • Hard
    • Mithril Weapons
    • Epaulette +8
    • Ring of Luck +3
    • Critical Ring +3

Click here to view the original image of 800x427px.

Click here to view the original image of 800x512px.

Click here to view the original image of 800x741px.

New Items

Ring of Luck +3

  • Option: Critical Rate +17%
  • Level: 150+
  • How to get: [DX] Hazardous Valley

Critical Ring +3

  • Option: Critical Damage +17%
  • Level: 150+
  • How to get: [DX] Hazardous Valley

Killian’s Ring

  • Option: Critical Rate +16%, Critical Damage +3%, Attack&Magic +5, HP+15
  • Level: 105+
  • How to get: Craft by using the Mergaheph’s Ring and craft items from the Tower of Undead B2F

Prideus Bracelet

  • Option: Attack&Magic +15, Max Critical Rate +1%, Three unique (random) options
  • Level: 135+
  • How to get: Umpra the Weak reward chest in Altar of Siena B1F
  • The Prideus Bracelet is character-binding, with a rare chance for a tradable item.
  • Unique options (randomly chosen from the 9 available)

Killian Ring Quest

  • Level: 105+
  • NPC: Soyoung (Core Alchemist) in Fort Ruina
  • Quest: Defeat the third Killian Grausten and obtain the Killian’s Limbic Tonsil Cell (Character binding)
  • Quest Reward: Killian Ring Craft Recipe, single-use.
  • The quest item can be dropped without having accepted the quest, just like the quest for the Mergaheph Ring
  • The quest can only be accepted and completed once.
  • Craft Recipe Material:
    • Mergaheph’s Ring x1
    • Black Cat’s Tear x1
    • Black Cat’s Tear is available from the Fort Ruina Core Alchemist for 50,000,000 Alz
  • Success Rate of craft: 100%
  • A character can own only one Killian’s Ring, and cannot posses the Mergaheph ring at the same time
Appearance changing system

The appearance changing system allows you change the appearance of your armour or weapons for a certain period of time.


  • The appearance change is done at the Core Alchemist NPC in each town.
  • An item that has had its appearance changed becomes character binding for the duration of the change.
    • Example: An Account-binding item has its appearance changed for 3 days. It will become Character-binding for 3 days.

Required Items

  • The item you wish to change the appearance of
  • The item which has the appearance you want to use (template).
  • Only items of the same type can be used for an appearance change
  • Alz
  • Note that the item used as template will get destroyed, regardless of success or failure.

Appearance changing period

Appearance restoration

  • You can restore your item appearance at the Core Alchemist NPC in any town
  • You pay the NPC shop Alz price for the item being restored
Achievement and Title system
  • Players will receive rewards by completing various achievements while in the game
  • The achievement score and titles are rewarded once the achievement completed
  • It is possible to gain several rewards for one achievement
  • The mission for the achievement will appear at random, after playing for 30 minutes (once per day)
  • Achievements are obtained by completing quests, defeating monsters, etc.
  • You can view the achievement missions and closed achievements from the Achievement UI

  1. Achievement name, mission and title
  2. Current status on the achievement
  3. Reward and mission requirements
  4. Closed Achievement
  • Achievements can be linked in the chat (ctrl + right-click in the Achievement UI)
  • Closed Achievements will get opened if you click on a linked achievement in the chat (maximum 7 per day)

  1. Total Achievement Score
  2. Status for the entire achievement
  3. Status for each category of the achievement
  4. Recently cleared achievements

Click here to view the original image of 609x427px.

  1. Achievement Category
  2. All of the Achievements in the category
  3. Achievement Score for current category

Click here to view the original image of 608x424px.

  1. Show the details of the title
  2. Shows all your titles
  3. Shows the options granted by the titles
  4. Shows the displayed title
  • Note that the Achievement Score category will be updated at a later date.
Quest Capsule system

Quest Capsule added:

  • The quest is activated by right-clicking on the Quest Capsule
  • The Quest capsule is obtained either from daily quests, or from drops in specific maps and dungeons

Click here to view the original image of 876x196px.

Click here to view the original image of 900x463px.

Click here to view the original image of 731x750px.

The Battle Mode 3 Quests are available as daily quests (See Battle Mode 3 section)

New Mercenaries
  • Three new Mercenaries added
    • Dazzled Druga
    • Dazzled Syarsor
    • Dazzled Angelo
  • These are obtained as in-game drops
    • Druga (normal-unique) from the last chest in Forgotten Temple B1F
    • Syarsor (normal-unique) from the last chest in Forbidden Island
    • Angelo (normal-unique) from the last chest in Altar of Siena B1F
  • All three Mercenaries have attacking abilities, as well as Party Passive skills

Dazzled Druga

Click here to view the original image of 605x360px.

Dazzled Syarsor

Click here to view the original image of 605x361px.

Dazzled Angelo

Click here to view the original image of 605x362px.

Other additions
  • Target Select Bar Improved
    • Shows the Battle Style Icon and HP when another character is selected
    • Shows the Rank (Normal/Named/Boss/Event) of the selected monster
  • Added an Item Slot at the Agent Shop to display the slots of items when browsing
  • Added the function to compare equipment
    • When you hover your mouse over the item in your inventory the tooltip will show the comparison with your current equipped item
    • If you have more than 2 items of the same type in your inventory you can compare them in order by pressing the Shift button
  • Added a function to withdraw/store items in bulk
  • The NPC Instructors now sells the Transcender Attack Skill (same price as normal Transcender skills)
  • Added an option to hide the message when a guild member / buddy logs in
  • Added a remote cash shop
    • The cash shop is available anywhere (apart from the Mission War) by pressing ‘N’
  • Added a function to control the transparency of each chat window and system message window
  • Added a Pet Option confirm window
  • A window will now prompt you to confirm unsealing or untraining your pet
  • Added a “close” button when writing mail
  • Added a refresh button for the cash inventory
  • Added a message when locking your equipment
  • Added a guide tooltip for the Oath of Sacrifice and Oath of Protection
  • Added Alz unit for the Alz in your warehouse
  • Added a message “You cannot summon a Mercenary yet” when trying to summon a Mercenary during the cooltime
  • Added guide messages when you cannot yet exchange WEXP
  • Added a warning window when you sell a Periodic Item
  • Added an event category to the Premium Information Window
  • Added a “permanent” message to permanent duration cash shop items
  • Added the amount of current DP at the Store UI
  • Maximum character level increased to 190
    • Added a Rank Up quest for level 190
      • Hunt 75 Maku in Altar of Siena B2F / Hunt 90 Demonic Jason in Porta Inferno
      • Reward: 9,000,000 Alz / Increase SP capacity by 5,000
    • Changed the top Mission War bracket to 170-190
    • Changed Chaos Arena level 6 maximum level to 190
    • Changed Nevareth Frontier title to be applicable to level 190 only
  • Changed the Extraction System
    • Changed the method of extracting items
      • You now extract items by using the Extracting Mode icon in the inventory
      • It is possible to use this without owning a transmuter
      • Items that cannot be extracted have a red background when using ‘Extracting Mode’
      • Changed Alz acquisition to 0 while extracting items
    • Changed the rules for extracting weapons and armours
      • Weapon / Armour Option scrolls can only be obtained by extracting the same type of weapons / armour
      • The option scroll rank will be based on the item being extracted (Lv.1 – Lv.4)
      • The lowest grade items cannot be extracted (Crude / Normal)
      • You will receive one Option Scroll regardless of the item upgrade level or epic option
      • Non-slot items will not give Option Scrolls
      • Rates for gaining Option Scrolls from upgraded items
        • When upgrade level is below 6: One Option Scroll
        • When upgrade level is below 7: 100% Chance for 1 Option Scroll, and low chance for Sword / Magic skill Amp scroll
        • When the upgrade level is from 13-15: One option Scroll, plus a chance to gain the same level of perfect core as the item being extracted (100% chance on +15)
      • Upgrade and Force core pieces are given randomly from 1-10 per extraction
  • Changed Field and Dungeon Options
    • Increased the level and number of monsters in the deeper parts of Porta Inferno
      • The amount of EXP gained from these monsters are increased
        • Demonic Jason increased to 36 from 26
        • Demonic Alis changed to 36 from 26
        • Demonic Mayota changed to 36 from 26
      • The attack range of certain monsters were changed
      • The location of Dark Kimzark was changed to x:155 y:216
    • The respawn time of monsters in Lakeside – Porta Inferno was changed
      • Lakeside: changed to 15 seconds from 20 seconds
      • Mutant Forest: changed to 75 seconds from 100 seconds
      • Pontus Ferrum: changed to 30 seconds from 40 seconds
      • Porta Inferno: changed to 30 seconds from 40 seconds
      • The respawn time for Named monsters was not changed
  • Changed some Quest Options
    • Changed reward for the level 180 ranking quest to give 8,000,000 EXP
    • Changed the EXP reward for certain other quests
    • Changed so that players cannot take “Supporter T” Quests any more
      • Only the “Support T” quests currently in progress can be completed
    • Removed Plate of Soul and Plate of Honour from the droptable
      • The remaining Plate of Soul and Plate of Honour can still be used
    • Changed the starting NPC for certain quests
    • Limited the min/max level for using Quest Capsules for Weak Dungeons
    • Changed some quest collectable items
  • Changes to the DP cube reward
    • Changed the purchase conditions
    • Increased the DP Cube reward
    • Added a “Cube of Honour” that rewards a Potion of Honour as another option for DP
  • Changed the Map and Warp codes
    • The map and warp codes are now given automatically once the level is reached for a specific map
    • Existing map and warp code quests were removed
    • Added new quests leading players to newly available maps
  • Changed the Chaos Lamps
    • Existing Chaos Lamps were removed from the droptable
      • Chaos lamps currently in the inventory will still be usable
      • Plate of Honour (1-4) no longer drops from existing Chaos Lamps
    • New Chaos Lamps introduced
      • The new lamp is called the Lamp of Dazzlement
      • Drop locations:
        • Level 1: Desert Scream, Bloody Ice, Green Despair, Port Lux
        • Level 2: Fort Ruina, Undead Ground, Forgotten Ruin, Lakeside
        • Level 3: Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum
        • Level 4: Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, Porta Inferno
      • The new Chaos Lamps requires a Key to be opened
        • The Key is called “Magic Water of Purification”
        • The Key is sold at Grocer NPCs for 200,000 Alz / one
      • Each level of Lamp requires a different number of keys to open
        • Level 1: 1 key
        • Level 2: 4 keys
        • Level 3: 8 keys
        • Level 4: 16 keys
      • Possible Lamp of Dazzlement Drops:
        • Level 1:
          • Epaulet of Guardian +7
          • Epaulet of Fighter +7
          • Epaulet of Sage +7
          • Epaulet of Guardian +6
          • Epaulet of Fighter +6
          • Epaulet of Sage +6
          • Slot Extender(Low)
          • Upgrade Core(High)
          • Upgrade Core(Medium)
          • Upgrade Core(Low)
          • Force Core(Medium)
          • Force Core(Low)
          • Potion of Luck
          • Copy of Map Part
          • Copy of Muster Card
          • Copy of Epaulet of the Dead
          • Map part
          • Muster Card : Ruina Station
        • Level 2:
          • SIGMetal Epaulet of Guardian +7
          • SIGMetal Epaulet of Fighter +7
          • SIGMetal Epaulet of Sage +7
          • Epaulet of Guardian +7
          • Epaulet of Fighter +7
          • Epaulet of Sage +7
          • Slot Extender(High)
          • Slot Extender(Medium)
          • Slot Extender(Low)
          • Upgrade Core(Highest)
          • Upgrade Core(High)
          • Upgrade Core(Medium)
          • Force Core(High)
          • Potion of Luck
          • Epaulet of the Dead
          • Epaulet of the Dead B2F
          • Seal of the Darkness
          • Explorer’s Journal
          • Ever-heated lava stone
        • Level 3:
          • Epaulet of Guardian +8
          • Epaulet of Fighter +8
          • Epaulet of Sage +8
          • Epaulet of Guardian +7
          • Epaulet of Fighter +7
          • Epaulet of Sage +7
          • Slot Extender(Highest)
          • Slot Extender(High)
          • Slot Extender(Medium)
          • Upgrade Core(Highest)
          • Upgrade Core(High)
          • Force Core(Highest)
          • Potion of Luck
          • Defected Train Card
          • Apocalypse of Other Dimension
          • Copy of the Illusive Apocalypse
          • Siena’s Crest B1F
          • Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B1F
          • Lost Island Compass
          • Frozen Clue
          • Seal of the Darkness
        • Level 4:
          • Epaulet of Guardian +8
          • Epaulet of Fighter +8
          • Epaulet of Sage +8
          • Epaulet of Guardian +7
          • Epaulet of Fighter +7
          • Epaulet of Sage +7
          • Slot Extender(Highest)
          • Slot Extender(High)
          • Upgrade Core(Highest)
          • Potion of Luck
          • Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B2F
          • Apocalypse of Other Dimension
          • Copy of the Illusive Apocalypse
          • Defected Train Card
          • Siena’s Crest B2F
          • Seal of the Darkness
  • Changed the Agent Shop
    • Changed to arrange items by Item Grade not class
    • Added Sword Skill Amp and Magic Skill Amp category to Option Scrolls
    • Added Enchant Safeguard Category to Upgrade Items
    • Added a new category for the Prideus Bracelet
    • Some other categories were changed as well
  • Improved Buddy and Guild list
    • Added character message function
      • Added a message function that can show the self-introduction of a character
      • Added self-character information and button to edit message above buddy list
      • Show the character message of others in Buddy List / Guild List
      • Able to see Character login status, Nation, Current Location, Character message on mouse-over
    • Changed to mark the number of group members
    • Added a memo function on the Block List
  • Changed the EXP reward for quest and scenario quests below level 100
    • Reduced the EXP rewards
    • Increases the viability of using Quest Capsules
  • Changed to not display Daily Quest to users not meeting the quest requirements
  • Changed the maximum critical rate from rings to 32%
  • Changed the cooltime on Force kick
    • Currently -4 seconds / level – changed to -5.1 seconds / level (level 9 FK has a 30 second cooldown)
  • Changed some details of consuming WEXP
    • Changed to consume 200 WEXP when characters over level 180 change WEXP to EXP
    • Limited the WEXP exchange to 50 times at once
  • Changed the purchase UI for Skill Books
  • Changed the purchasing and selling option at NPC shops for large transactions
  • Changed the starting point of the Tower of the Dead B1F to a safe zone
  • Added Agent Shop options for Oath of Sacrifice and Oath of Protection
  • Changed icon image of Weapon/Armor option scroll differently from each grade
  • Set character immobile while doing item upgrade
  • Set option icon of pet training window default when user newly register pet or core on it
  • Changed that max number is shown up if user clicks the dropdown button on input cell while exchanging WEXP
  • Changed some messages of checkbox on option window
    • Shown up the usage of function on item information window
  • Changed the item tool tip which bound or limited to sell
  • Corrected error that unnecessary tooltip “Move to the next tab and combine” was shown on the items which is impossible to combine
  • Corrected error that “Gained magic Skill EXP” was wrongfully shown as “Gained sword Skill EXP”
  • Corrected error that Force Archer’s attack rise while using “Multi Shooter” skill consecutively in certain circumstances
  • Corrected error that user got disconnected while using battle mode in certain circumstances
  • Corrected that not to close the client forcibly but show the message that battle mode is in use when user try to use battle mode while he or she is already in use of it
  • Corrected error that certain NPC had unnecessary “quest NPC FX” when character talk with Sirius at “The Land of the Undead” dungeon
  • Corrected error that certain dungeon gates were shown askew
  • Corrected error low level epic item was dropped as a character binding from legacy box at “Maquinas Outpost” dungeon
  • Corrected error that some equipment was dropped by wrong rank randomly from some monsters
    • Changed that normal items drop instead of no binding high-rank epic item
    • Applied only to monster drop not to box compensation
  • Corrected error that unnecessary blank space was shown at usage history list of Guild Warehouse while checking it by using mouse wheel
  • Corrected error that image looked abnormal when user put the mouse point on “X” button of confirmation window while buying skill books
  • Corrected error that sub-password window was not opened again if cancelled it by ESC once before
  • Corrected error that duration time for Saint’s Forcecalibur Buff Skill was shown abnormally on its Tool Tip
  • Corrected error that Mercenary’s attacking was inactive when user attacked the last Nualle of Panic Cave
  • Corrected error that some monster’s attacking was abnormal at Porta Inferno
  • Corrected error that monsters showed only one attacking pattern (Monsters originally have 2 attacking patterns except Kerberos)
  • Corrected error that name of summoned Mercenary was not synchronized with party list of it
  • Corrected error that user can write letter “#” over the Chat Window
  • Corrected error that completing NPC information was shown abnormally at some quests
  • Corrected error that user can write Chat Message over the Chat Window
  • Corrected error that the position of character slot was not changed at certain situation
  • Corrected error that dungeon ‘ Lake in Dusk’ didn’t end if boss monster died out of user’s view
  • Corrected error that inventory tab was shown abnormal when purchasing mass number of items
  • Corrected error that Lock function for Warehouse/Inventory wasn’t applied after login the game even user had set the password before
  • Corrected error that client was forcibly closed when user tried to restore quest at Mission war lobby or field
Mission War
  • Changed the Tier 5 Mission War to extend from level 170-190
  • Changed some details of the Lv. 140-169 and Lv. 170-190 Mission War
    • Increased HP and Defence of players
      • Level 140-169
        • Before: Character defence increased x1.5 and HP x5
        • Now: Character defence increased x1.75 and HP x6
      • Level 170-190
        • Before: Character defence increased x1.5 and HP x5
        • Now: Character defence increased x2 and HP x7
    • Changed some Tower details
      • Decreased Attack and Defence
      • Changed Max targeting to 5
    • Changed some Force Tower details
      • Increased the stats of Force Towers
      • Increased the building price of Force Towers (apart from Resurrection / Warp)
      • Reduced the building time
    • Increased the stats for the Legacy Guardians, Sage Ensign, and War Gates


  1. hi mr wormy.. in cabal PH server right now we’re in a total chaos due to hacks and cheats specially in mission war.. i can’t enter cabal europe forums coz i don’t have an account.. i just wanna ask if there’s also hacks and cheats happening there e.g. wall hack, speed hack, super aoe and unlimited BM. even our GM here won’t do any necessary actions against this cheaters.


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