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Source : Cabal Online EU Forum

The winds of change are sweeping across Nevareth, bringing new battles, new challenges, and new conquests! But first! Show off your skills and win some prizes with a Combo Competition! Are you ready? Prove it! Show how good you are with combos. So simple, yet so challenging, and the rewards will give you the edge you need once the race for level 190 starts! Follow the instructions below to enter:

Participate in this thread – write your character name / version / server and chosen time in this thread.
[GM]Yul will be ingame on all versions till Sunday evening. You’ll be messaged ingame, after that you have to join the party, choose a place/dummy/mob to start your combo.
After counting back you have 3 tries.
All of the numbers will count which will be above 15 (so visible in the system chat)

All the times are written in Cabal Time!

Time Version Server
10-11 English Mercury
11-12 English Mars
12-13 English Jupiter
13-14 German Merkur
14-15 German Venus
15-16 German Mars
16-17 Italian Mercurio
17-18 Italian Venere
18-19 French Mercure
19-20 French Vénus
Time Version Server
10-11 Spanish Mercurio
11-12 Spanish Venus
12-13 English Mercury
13-14 English Mars
14-15 English Jupiter
15-16 German Merkur
16-17 German Venus
17-18 German Mars
18-19 Italian Mercurio
19-20 Italian Venere
Time Version Server
10-11 French Mercure
11-12 French Vénus
12-13 Spanish Mercurio
13-14 Spanish Venus
14-15 English Mercury
15-16 English Mars
16-17 English Jupiter
17-18 German Merkur
18-19 German Venus
19-20 German Mars
Time Version Server
10-11 Italian Mercurio
11-12 Italian Venere
12-13 French Mercure
13-14 French Vénus
14-15 Spanish Mercurio
15-16 Spanish Venus
16-17 English Mercury
17-18 English Mars
18-19 English Jupiter

(If there won’t be any participant in a certain hour and server till the hour starts, that time won’t be available anymore)

Who will win?
The player with the highest combo will win! (If there will be same counts, then we will decide according to the second highest, etc.)

What are the rewards?
1st: 3x 200% EXP Beads 2 hours
2nd: 2x 200% EXP Beads 2 hours
3rd: 1x 200% EXP Bead 2 hours

*Beads are Account Binding.

Good luck!

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