[EU] Compensation for downtime on 14.03.2012

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Cabal EU :  Compensation for downtime on 14.03.2012

Source : Cabal EU : http://forum.cabalonline.com

After the unfortunate issues last week on the 14th, which caused a server downtime of several hours we will be handing out the following items as compensation:

  • Premium users receive a 3-Day Account Binding Blessing Bead Plus
  • Non-Premium users receive a 1-Day Account Binding 50% EXP Blessing Bead

All items are to be handed out today during the server maintenance, to all players active from the 13th – 15th of March (during the downtime period). You will find the Bead in the Cash Inventory. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the previous downtime.

Happy gaming!

EDIT: Due to a small error earlier Premium users received the 3-Day Blessing Bead Plus, as well as the 1 Day 50% EXP Bead. Users who purchased Premium in the past received the 3 Day Blessing Bead Plus, and our free users received the 50% 1 Day EXP bead, as intended 🙂

We would like to apologise for any confusion about this.

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