Have you heard already about those items in Cabal?


Have you heard already about never released or legendary or … strange items in Cabal? I’ve found those items … No one knows that will those items could be implemented or not but … let’s see:

[Don’t ask me when will we have those items and what are the stats of them]

[This post is only for reference and fun]

  • CABAL Birthday Ring [legendary ring >_<]
  • Yuan (Normal) – (Unique) (this has been appeared in several Cabal Servers)
  • Arionell (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Rin (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Freed (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Black Bard (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Maga Eyagre (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Ratzel of Reason and Wind (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Bike Upgrade Kit (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Perfect Upgrade Kit (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Force Kit (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Slot Extender (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Kit Enhancer (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Astral Bike Card – Red Flare [new bike]
  • Astral Bike Card – Blue Flare [new bike]
  • Nevareth Biker [new costume]
  • Biker Bandana [and cap]
  • Cap of Nevareth Biker [another cap]
  • Cube of Challenge
  • Gem of Infinite Summons (Normal) – (Unique) [o’rly o_o]
  • DP Saver [this would be cool :)]
  • AP Saver [this would be cool :)]
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Armor [BM3 costume <3]
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Martial
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Battle
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Visor
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Headpiece
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Headgear
  • Epaulet Option Spell Scroll (High) [temporary removed]
  • Epaulet Option Spell Scroll (Highest) [temporary removed]
  • Blessing Bead – Craft Success Rate (10%) (25%) (40%) (50%) (100%) [omg wtf]
  • Item Option Remover (Low) – (Highest) [o_o]
  • Stat Reset Potion
  • Pet โ€“ Black / Brown / Purple / White Alpaca [new pet?]
  • Blessing Bead – Special Inventory [<3]
  • Weapon Option Scroll Protecter (Low) – (Highest) [prevent losing option scroll if the granting is fail]
  • Armor Option Scroll Protecter (Low) – (Highest)
  • Bike Option Scroll Protecter (Low) – (Highest)
  • Siena Bracelet [another boss bracelet?]

As the extra bonus :p Here the screenshots of two new bikes ๐Ÿ˜› Enjoy them ๐Ÿ™‚


14 comments on “Have you heard already about those items in Cabal?

  1. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  2. Schween Denver says:

    wow!! thats cooL! [GM] thanks.. ^_^


  3. Schween Denver says:

    [GM] what cabal is this.. maybe i cn play this.. its cooL!!!

    tell me what cabal is this [GM] ….

    Thank You!!


  4. visitor says:

    Hope the Bike in the picture was not in the list, old school….. I still like Blue Bike more cool than it


  5. JMS says:

    What they should do is make two buff for WI classes for example a buff that give magic attack and a buff with crit rate and damage! would help the WI


  6. vangelis says:

    Yuan and Rin dropped on event of boss hunt in BR server.


  7. ghostboy13 says:

    where is the item option remover ..i want that


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