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Have you heard already about those items in Cabal?

Have you heard already about never released or legendary or … strange items in Cabal? I’ve found those items … No one knows that will those items could be implemented or not but … let’s see:

[Don’t ask me when will we have those items and what are the stats of them]

[This post is only for reference and fun]

  • CABAL Birthday Ring [legendary ring >_<]
  • Yuan (Normal) – (Unique) (this has been appeared in several Cabal Servers)
  • Arionell (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Rin (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Freed (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Black Bard (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Maga Eyagre (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Ratzel of Reason and Wind (Normal) – (Unique) [mercenary]
  • Bike Upgrade Kit (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Perfect Upgrade Kit (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Force Kit (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Slot Extender (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Bike Kit Enhancer (Low) – (Highest) [extinct]
  • Astral Bike Card – Red Flare [new bike]
  • Astral Bike Card – Blue Flare [new bike]
  • Nevareth Biker [new costume]
  • Biker Bandana [and cap]
  • Cap of Nevareth Biker [another cap]
  • Cube of Challenge
  • Gem of Infinite Summons (Normal) – (Unique) [o’rly o_o]
  • DP Saver [this would be cool :)]
  • AP Saver [this would be cool :)]
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Armor [BM3 costume <3]
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Martial
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Battle
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Visor
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Headpiece
  • [Costume] BattleMode 3 Headgear
  • Epaulet Option Spell Scroll (High) [temporary removed]
  • Epaulet Option Spell Scroll (Highest) [temporary removed]
  • Blessing Bead – Craft Success Rate (10%) (25%) (40%) (50%) (100%) [omg wtf]
  • Item Option Remover (Low) – (Highest) [o_o]
  • Stat Reset Potion
  • Pet – Black / Brown / Purple / White Alpaca [new pet?]
  • Blessing Bead – Special Inventory [<3]
  • Weapon Option Scroll Protecter (Low) – (Highest) [prevent losing option scroll if the granting is fail]
  • Armor Option Scroll Protecter (Low) – (Highest)
  • Bike Option Scroll Protecter (Low) – (Highest)
  • Siena Bracelet [another boss bracelet?]

As the extra bonus :p Here the screenshots of two new bikes 😛 Enjoy them 🙂

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Hi there, I'm Trung Nguyen Tri (aka Mr. Wormy), as a CABAL player, I found that our community of CABALers is lacking of good information source. Therefore, Mr. Wormy blog was found in 2011 by myself, initially on Wordpress as an unofficial weblog for CABAL Online. Through the time, I enlarged Mr. Wormy's channels on other social networks like Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and also Instagram. All information here are free for references; however if you feel that these things are useful drop me a Force Core (High) via

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  1. What they should do is make two buff for WI classes for example a buff that give magic attack and a buff with crit rate and damage! would help the WI


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