KR Patch Notes Mar 07th 2012 & Mar 14th 2012

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KR Patch Notes Mar 07th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Achievement and Title for Professional (Specialized) Crafting could not be acquired normally, bug is fixed

2. In the confirmation window before destroying boards, the number of Option Scroll is displayed incorrectly

3. Level of Battle Mode 3 Skill Book displayed abnormally

4. While character in Battle Mode 3 + Aura state, character’s items and stats are displayed abnormally

5. The system message will be displayed while character is in BM3 and trying to access the Store. This has been removed.

6. The cash inventory did not update after switching between channels

7. Some unnecessary spaces in the tooltip of Blessing Beads have been removed

8. The remote-shop worked abnormally in some situations

9. Character at 190 level can not acquire EXP from daily quest

10 Tooltip of buff skills displayed abnormally

■ Changes

1. Change the reward of  “The power of ancient magic”
Old : AXP 10,000,000
Changes: EXP 2,000,000

2. Add the censor list of word for character name, guild name.

<Below notes are for test server only>

■ Changes

1.  Add new crafting system, temporary disable the old crafting system for testing purpose

2. Increase in the number favorite search lists in Auction Hall by add one more line of favorite buttons

3. Allow fast switching between favorite search lists by using keyboard

– Between favorite lines : F1 – F2

– Between favorite items in current line : 1 – 0

■ Additions

1. Add the new slot for item in the character inventory (brand-new kind of equipment). Details of new equipment will be implemented later.

2. Add the warning for being lost DP if there is any when player tries to exit the game

3. Add new quest

– Quest Group Name: Land of Death
– Quest Name: The Hale Artifact
– Quest Start NPC: Port Lux – Porter
– Quests condition: LV.79 (BSLV.8)
– Quest Reward
– Experience: 750,644
– Skill EXP: 20230
– ‘Hale Artifact’ will be rewarded

■ Mission War

1. Fix the bug for character who has the HP in Mission War bigger than 65,000 (as the result of 7 times multiply)

2. Add the different effects for BM3 Costume (outfit) of characters in Mission War, based on the nation (Capella / Procyon)

KR Patch Notes Mar 14th 2012

■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug that cause character at 190 level could not exchange WEXP to EXP

■ Changes

1. Inventory data


  1. 1. Add the new slot for item in the character inventory (brand-new kind of equipment). Details of new equipment will be implemented later……..for what put slot??? need a slot for bike + board the same tine .


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