[Cabal EU] Free Blessing Beads – Happy New Year from GM.com!

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Happy New Year from GM.com!

We’ve added a free Blessing Bead pack to the Item Shop, only available on the 31st of December 2011, and the 1st of January 2012! How to get it? Simply log in, open the Item Shop, and ‘purchase’ your Free Pack! Each pack contains 4 Blessing Beads:

  • EXP 100% UP 1 hour
  • AXP 100% UP 1 hour
  • Pet EXP 100% UP 1 hour
  • WEXP 100% UP Single War (3 hours)
These can only be claimed once per account, and only on the 31st and the 1st. So log in, and get yourself a free boost! All beads are account binding.

PRICE:Free, gratis, zero, nothing.
LOCATION: Blessing Beads >> Happy New Year!

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