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Dungeon of the Week : The Forbidden Island

Dungeon of the Week : The Forbidden Island

Our dungeon of the week for this week is the mysterious Forbidden Island located somewhere off the coast of Port Lux (most likely location somewhere in the Sea of Fracia, for those of you who have access to a map of Nevareth).

Name: The Forbidden Island
Introduced: March 2009
Entry Level Requirement: 125
Entrance Location: Port Lux
Duration: 1 Hour
Number of chests: 7 (no bonus chests or side quests)
Bonus Quests: None
Title for completing: Lost World Pioneer (Defense bonus, then Def, Att, Magic bonus on higher levels)
Interesting Facts:

  • The Forbidden Island was the first dungeon to feature a complete free-moving camera, such as you would get with any normal world-map.
  • This dungeon was the first (and only, so far!) to have two distinctly endings depending on the choices you made while inside: Kill the evil Captain, or fight the monstrous Queen. Fighting the captain is seen as the easier ending, and is by far the most popular one.
  • Forbidden Island also introduced the ‘Berserk’ mechanic for bosses. Take too long to kill one, and the boss gains an incredible increase in defense for a set time, making killing it impossible while berserk.

Daily Quests

  • Prewitt in Bloody Ice: 4 Million Exp for killing 10 Lizardfish
  • Henkoff in Bloody Ice: 4 Guild Points for killing Riott

Glory Plate Quest

  • Glory Plate Level 8: Kill Riott in exchange for 80,000 Honour Points

The Forbidden Island was the very first dungeon to be set outside with a fully free-moveable camera, and this was a very welcome change for most players. It also introduced special boss abilities – knockdown, debuffs, berserk, and a choice of two endings. SIGMetal was also introduced with the Forbidden Island, being obtainable only inside the dungeon at first.

Thematically the dungeon is very reminiscent of Port Lux, with some exotic islanders mixed in. Sandy beaches and open water, with the cool addition of some jumping whale-like creatures and a big shipwreck completed the picture.

The Forbidden Island was considered impossible to solo at first, although today it can be done by well-equipped players. However, as always for the easiest and smoothest gameplay 2-3 people is the best grouping for this dungeon.


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