KR Patch notes Nov 23rd 2011

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■ Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug of Infinity Chaos entry item, caused error when the mouse is moving-over
  2. Auction Hall, the “Hatching Egg” – entry of new DX couldn’t be found or caused error, bug is fixed

■ Additions

1. Battle Mode 3

i) Acquisition

  • To obtain Battle Mode 3, player must obtain 31 Quest Capsules to get the necessary material for crafting the Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
  • Quest capsule related to Battle Mode 3 : “Minnesota Skill” can be obtained from Lake Side  – Porta Inferno
  • Each capsule (31 in total) has 2 parts: Field and Dungeon, when complete, player will be rewared “Stein Clone”
  • Stein Clone is the material for crafting Battle Mode 3 Skill Book (Stein Clone is character binding and drop not allowed)

ii) Crafting

  • Stain Clones can be obtained only from Quest but other materials / Formula Card can be bought directly from NPC Shop in Port Lux

  • There are 3 steps for crafting Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
    • Step 1 : BM3 Activate Skill and First BM3 Skill
    • Step 2 : Second BM3 Skill
    • Step 3 : Third BM3 Skill
  • Crafting Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
    • The chance of success for crafting is 100%

iii) Battle Mode 3 bonus option details

  • Player can activate the BM3 Skill, if he/she
    • Has the Character at 130 Level or more
    • Completed “Minnesota Skill” Introducing Quest
    • Finished crafting and learning new Battle Mode 3 Skill Books

iv) How to use

  • Basically for every battle style, player has many-steps-for-every-cycle  which need to be cast of casting skills in Battle Mode 3
  • 1st and 2nd skill are easy to notice by different name and they must be activated as 1st and 2nd step in BM3 skill-cycle, 3rd skill can be re-cast  in the BM3-Skill-cycle
  • Battle Mode 3 consumes the same amount of SP and has the same duration/cool time/ability to stack with Aura like Battle Mode 2
  • Skills have 2 seconds of cool time
  • By using 1st and 2nd skill in special order, 3rd skill will be activated and can be cast (watch the video for more information)
  • Skill can be used like the way of Combo skill but without “Combo Bar” (aka Combo UI)
  • By using 1st and 2nd skill in special order, the synergy effect will be appeared

FB with BM3 in IC1

BL with BM3 in Hazardous Valley (new DX)

FA with BM3 in Panic Cave

v) Synergy

  • By casting 1st and 2nd Skill in specified order, the Synergy effect will be appeared
  • Synergy effect affects the total amount of damage on target
  • 3 Synergy effects can be stack at once
    • When player archives 4 Synergy effects in a row, it will replace the oldest Synergy effect in the stack
  • Synergy effects can be 1.5 / 2 / 3 times of total amount of damage

2. Introducing quest for new Battle Mode 3

  • Quest name: Minnesota’s Heritage
  • Quest Type: Scenario Quest
  • Requirement: Lv.130+ / BSLv.14+
  • NPC: Officer Morrison – Port Lux
  • Quest reward: Minnesota Skill 1/2/3 Slot

3. New skill of Battle Mode 3

  • Special Skill of Battle Mode 3
    • Battle Mode 3 : Activate skill
    • Basic Attack A :   First skill
    • Basic Attack B : Second skill
    • Step 1 Skill : Third skill
    • Step 2 Skill : Third skill
    • Step 3 Skill : Third skill

4. Achievement System and Title

i) Achievement System

  • To make player’s achievements in game more meaningful, the system gives reward for every achievement which is gained / reached
  • Achievement will be rewarded as Title
    • The cumulative achievement over achievement will be ranked like the Title system
  • Depending on the number of accomplishments, achievement can have multi-level
  • Classification: Achievements are classified in many categories

ii) Nominal

  • Show the details of Title from which Achievement, which it gives, next level information,…

5. Add the message if WEXP cannot be exchanged


  1. If I didnt get the other bm skill(2,3skill) can I still use bm3??? Not yet the philippines but im still waiting 🙂 I think its comming this april


    1. still not here in EU but u can use Skill A / B for sure xD anyway, the most powerful skill in BM3 is the special skill aka special moves


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