Korean Patch Notes : Jul 20th 2011

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■ Modifications

1. Potions registered in Quickslot display abnormally, bug is fixed
2. In certain situation, Soul Ability Window can not be closed, bug is fixed
3. Could not accept many quests in a row, bug is fixed
4. Some items, which player doesn’t reach the limit of wearing, do not display in red background, bug is fixed
5. Pet training window was displayed abnormally number of Force Cores, bug is fixed
6. Tooltip of “Cube of Enchant” displayed incorrectly, bug is fixed
7. Tooltip of Saints Excalibur Force Buff and Battle Mode displayed with incorrect amount of SP, bug is fixed
8. Purify Epaulet in Forgotten Temple B1Fdisplayed wrong information in tooltip, bug is fixed
9. In certain situation,the Check button of mail system caused Client terminated, bug is fixed

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Excalibur Force Weapon

  • Raised slightly defense of Baikalitan
  • Added safe zone for Mission field in Lakeside
  • Pet is now invisible in Mission field Lakeside

2. Cash Items related changes

  • Change the name of Cash Item tab in NPC
– Items -> General
– Cash Item -> Cash
  • Cash items H / N icon added
– N: New items
– H: Popular items (Hot)

3. Skill, Skill Book tooltip modified

  • Skill Book orders: Skill Book displays the conditions
  • Skill Book: Requirement and battle style are displayed

4. Some items sold in the store changes

  • Price of items which are selling by NPC changes (not the selling to NPC price)

5. Sound of some skills are changed

■ Additions

1. Add a button on the minimap

  • Help on the minimap allow to go to character information, inventory, quests window
  • Options – Display tab “Shortcut button on the minimap display” option

■ Mission War

1. Tooltip displayed for HP amount in Mission War sometimes incorrectly, bug is fixed


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