#KR #Episode18 April 12th 2017 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed the bug related to Force Blader in Battle Mode 1, HP did not heal after using Odd Circle.

2. Fixed bug related to abnormal skill camera bug

3. Fixed bug that several items do not disappear after duration expired

4. Fixed bug related to boss attack pattern in Tower of the Dead B3F (Part 2)


■ Changes

1. Pet Level Expansion

  • Merging pet skills
    • Combine Attack and Magic Attack into All Attack Up
    • Combine Sword Skill Amp. and Magic Skill Amp. into All Skill Amp. Up
  • Pet level and slot expansion
    • Maximum level:
      • Old: 10
      • New: 20
    • Pet skill slots:
      • Pet level 1 – 10: Normal section
      • Pet level 11 – 20: Contract section
    • Pet training cost
      • Level 1 – 10: 1,000,000 Alz
      • Level 11 – 20: 2,000,000 Alz
    • Pet option training
      • Pet stats are given differently based on current type of level section
  • Pet Sleeping Kit changes
    • Level 1 – 10: Seal using Pet Sleeping Kit
    • Level 11 – 20: Seal using Pet Sleeping Kit (Contract)
  • Update Pet UI
    • Able to select “Pet Untrain Kit”, “Pet Untrain Kit (Selective)” and “Pet Sealing Kit”
    • Able to select the tab (Normal / Contract) for untraining
  • Added two new force codes
    • New Force Codes
      • Ignore Critical Damage Resistance
      • Ignore Skill Amplification Resistance
    • How to get
      • From Pet Contract Training slots (level 11 – 20)
    • Applicable
      • Only for Mission War / PVP

2. Expansion of Blessing Beads coverage

  • Beads are now account-applied
  • Beads are used for one character will apply for all character in the same account


3. Game login, loading, character creation and selection screen

  • Change loading icon to simple circle
  • Change login, loading, server selection and channel selection screen
  • Change character selection screen
  • Change character creation screen
    • Change behaviour:
      • First select character type
      • Then customise character characteristics with Gender, Face and Hairstyle
    • Add animation video
    • Change armor/weapon display to Archridium set

4. Improved Cabal graphics engine

  • Add “Graphic texture” option
  • Shadow effect is broken down to 8 grades
  • Add new option for Dynamic Lighting


5. Change the NPC Event

  • Change the appearance
  • Change the location to Bloody Ice
  • Change to have special event bubble while events are in-progress


6. Change the HP of bosses in Tower of the Dead B3F (Part 2):

  • Increase Defense slightly
  • Decrease HP significantly


■ Additions

1. Honour Medal System

  • Character with Honour 20 can use this system
  • If character is at honour grade 20, will get level 1 of Honour Medal System

2. Add UI and short key

  • New “Honour Medal” UI
  • Shortcut: Shift + M

3. Add Honour Medal icon in Character UI

  • Depends on Nation and Medal Grade
    • General
    • Captain
    • Lieutenant
    • Heroic
  • How to obtain Honour Medal score
    • By scoring in Mission War (170 – 200)
    • Through Honour Medal Potion
      • Available in NPC Hampiric
        • Price: 500AP
        • Output: +120 Honour Medal Point
      • Restrictions:
        • Only for Honour Medal Captain Grade
        • Honour Grade: 20
  • Slot Unlocking
    • Initially, slots will be marked with lock icon
    • Only slots of current Honour Medal grade can be unlocked
    • Chaos Core and Divine Stone are required to unlock slots
  • Option Grant
    • You can grant option to unlocked slots
    • 100AP and 100WEXP is required for granting slot option
    • Random option will be granted once request to grant option
    • Value of each option is different for each grade of Honour Medal
  • Reset of Honour Medal stats
    • Honour Medal stats can be reset with Force Gem
  • Honour Medal Seal
    • Able to use with character with Honour 20+ with nation
    • Must have at least one unlocked slot

2. New “Reverse Dungeon”

  • New dungeon entries from NPC Deighton – Bloody Ice
    • Price: 4,500,000 Alz
  • Illusion Castle Underworld – Reverse
    • Entry Requirement:
      • Level 190+
      • Entry item:
      • Entry point: Lakeside x171:y175
      • Maximum participants: 3
    • Dungeon Information
      • Time: 15 minutes
      • DP: 7
      • Dungeon complete: By open the final Legendary Box after last boss
      • Dungeon fail: Time out
    • Drop:
      • Archridium
      • Palladium (with Epic options)
      • Specific items will be added later




  • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall – Reverse
    • Entry Requirement:
      • Level 190+
      • Entry item:
      • Entry point: Lakeside x171:y175
      • Maximum participants: 3
    • Dungeon Information
      • Time: 15 minutes
      • DP: 7
      • Dungeon complete: By open the final Legendary Box after last boss
      • Dungeon fail: Time out
    • Drop:
      • Archridium
      • Palladium (with Epic options)
      • Specific items will be added later

3. Add Palladium manufacturing

  • Able to craft Palladium items: Weapon / Helmet / Armor / Gloves / Boots
  • Add the Craftsman item of Palladium in Auction Hall

4. Add Extreme Upgrade Seal

  • Able to extract, store and apply Extreme Upgrade level
  • Type
    • Normal: Can be used for Extreme item with grade 2
    • Master: Can be used for Extreme item with grade 3-6
  • Group
    • One-handed weapon
    • Two-handed weapon
    • Armor
    • Bike
  • Able to use regardless of item grade
    • Sealed extreme level from SIG Metal can apply back to Mithril item
  • Limitation of sealing
    • Sealed item
    • Item with Extreme level is 0 or 1
    • Binding items
  • Limitation of using seal on
    • Broken items
    • Character binding items
    • Target item has lower extreme grade than sealed one

5. Add AP Saver request recipe


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#EP17 Are you ready for #Episode17 ?



Hey mate, are you ready for #Episode17? Here are things that you should check out in order to be ready for the update 😉

  • Episode 17 playlist on Youtube

  • Episode 17 playlist on Youtube

  • Summary of expected changes

    • New battle style: Force Gunner
    • Upgrade items, up to +20
    • Divine Upgrade system
    • New Dungeon Defense: Glacies Inferna
    • Fixes and Changes


#KR Development Road map for first-half of 2017


Hello CABALers,

It’s quite a long time from the last interview with the development team. Spring is gone, but summer is coming… Let’s discuss about the “warm” spring update ~_~ These information are expected to be available on the public server by first-half of 2017.



The cold winter has gone away and fresh spring is around… On behalf of CABAL Development team, I want to introduce with you the development plan, the roadmap for first-half of 2017.


[Pet Level Expansion]
Pet was there for years, without any updates, this time we decide to increase the level limitation with a new concept “Contract” level. Now with ten new levels, from 11-20, pet can get more stats to increase player’s attack/defense ability. We added some new force codes specialised for Mission War that can obtained through the new level of pet.


[Extreme Upgrade Sealing]
According to feedback from players, there is a lot of items that have been used for a very long time, main reason is they spend a lot of effort for upgrading it, specially for Extreme Upgrade. Therefore, we introduce Extreme Upgrade Seal for helping players to transfer the extreme upgrade between items.


[Graphic Engine Improvement and Character Selection Screen revamp]
In the incoming update, we redesign the character selection screen into a new flashy, catchy one. Internally we received a lot of positive comments, we hope that you will like it 🙂

We are updating the graphic engine with the dynamic lighting and shadow effect, these settings can be found right in the Options UI.


[Hidden Story in Illusion Castle Underworld and Radiant Hall]
We have prepared two new dungeons to bring new fun to you, Illusion Castle Underworld and Illusion Castle Radiant Hall are going to unveil two hidden stories. In these dungeons, you can acquire items for Divine Upgrade and Palladium equipment.

[Honour Medal System]
Honour class 20 was there for years 🙂 We planned to increase the honour class for almost 5 years, since the Cabal Global Camp in Jeju 2012. Now it’s here! Players with Capella / Procyon nation can earn a Medal Score through Mission War Scores. Depending on their Medal Score, they can acquire a Captain Medal / General Medal / Heroic Medal. This will help you to boost your character’s abilities.


[Changes for Upgrade System]
Recently we increase the limitation of upgrade from 15 to 20, however Safeguard is only for up to +15. We will revise the safeguard for supporting up to +20.

In the mean time, Chaos upgrade will be aided with Chaos Anti-Destruction mechanism.

And for Divine Upgrade, recently we added, players can obtain items from new dungeons for avoiding the Divine Upgrade decreasing.



After the “Spring Update” will be the “Summer Update”, up until now, there is not so much information, but still. I will try to reveal something 🙂

[Forgotten Temple B3F]
The very hard dungeons are going to be released, Forgotten Temple B1F, B2F and B3F more powerful and stronger monsters. Even in the newest dungeon Forgotten Temple B3F you can get many items and the special material for the new unique Tyrant Ring.


Since things are still being developed, I cannot share the unconfirmed ones, but I will try to share it progressively 🙂

Let’s looking forward for the Spring Update ahead and then the Summer one 😉

Have a nice day, CABALers 🙂

Original from Korean Cabal.

[KR] [EP17] Nov & Dec 2016 Patch notes


Nov 24th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Change the maximum level of item upgrading to 20 (was 15)

  • Upgrade UI combination
    • Open the Upgrading UI:
      • Right click on upgrade cores
      • Click on “Upgrade” button in inventory
    • Availability:
      • Normal items
      • Chaos items
  • Upgrade method
    • Once Upgrading UI activated, player can put the item inside
      • Available methods for upgrading will be shown
      • Player can select method for upgrade (select the core type)
      • Click on “Upgrade” button
  • Upgrade result will be displayed on the bottom of Upgrading UI



  • Change the maximum upgrade level for normal items (Weapon / Armor / Bike) from 15 to 20
    • Core consumption
      • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_core_consumption
  • Failure penalty
    • Items with upgrade level less than 15, same mechanism for penalty applied
    • Items with upgrade level more than 15 have these penalties for failure
      • Upgrade level -1
      • Upgrade level -2
      • Upgrade level -3
      • But item cannot be down-grade lower than 15 (after it has been upgrade to 15, it cannot be lowered than 15)
  •  Restrictions
    • Cannot use “Enchant Safeguard” for upgrading higher than +15
    • Upgrading from 19 to 20 cannot use “Superior Core”
    • Allow to use “Superior Core” for upgrading from 14 to 15, there is chance to get +16 as result

2. Changes related to some scenario quests

  • Decrease the Alz reward for Quests Lv 1-100
  • Increase the Alz reward for Quests Lv 101-199
  • Adjust the EXP reward for Quests Lv 1-99
  • Give out some skill books for certain quests
    • Including Skill Books for Battle Mode 3 at level 130

3. Decrease the amount of Stain Clone needed for Battle Mode 3 skill books

  • Step 1: From 30 to 5
  • Step 2: From 40 to 10
  • Step 3: From 50 to 15

4. Change options of Palladium Epaulet20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_palladium_epaulet

■ Additions

1. Added new class “Force Gunner”

  • Weapon: Orb / Crystal
  • Armor: Battleset (FG)
  • Skills
    • Attack Skills: 20 Skills
    • Buff Skills:
    • Battle Modes:
      • Battle Mode 1: Ranger
      • Battle Mode 2:
        • Activation Skill: Heavy Launcher
        • Special Skill: Surface Impact
        • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_fg_bm2
      • Battle Mode 3:
        • Activation Skill: Hitman
        • Special Skill: Hitman Attack I / II / III
        • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_fg_bm3


Dec 01st 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Bugs related to Force Gunner

  • Cannot use several skills on monsters
  • Fixed bug that caused abnormal appearance of movement animation in Battle Mode 2
  • Fixed bug that cause unable to use Dash / Fade step in Battle Mode 2
  • Fixed bug that icon of Force Gunner did not display in Buddy, Guild. Achievement UI
  • Fixed bug that cause Force Gunner wears Chakram when mounting Saints Force Weapon
  • Fixed bug that cause distribution of abnormal skill book on level 85 quest

2. Fixed bug that causes by upgrading item higher than 15 in specific situation

3. Fixed bug that allows players enter Chaos Arena without the level restrictions

■ Changes

1. Several changes applied for Force Gunner stats / skills

2. Adjust skills of Warrior, Bladder

  • Warrior
    • Battle Mode 3 – Axe Attack A / B attack range increased
    • Bear Vitality: Add new stats: +800 Damage Reduce
  • Blader
    • Battle Mode 3 – Knucklet Attack A attack range did not change
    • Battle Mode 3 – Knucklet Attack B attack range increased

3. Drop related changes

  • Dungeon Entry Item
    • Remove all Dungeon Entry drop from Arcane Trace and Senillinea
    • In Porta Inferno and lower map fields, only low Dungeon Entry item drops (Altar of Siena B1F and lower)
      • E.g.: IC1, AoS1, FT1
    • DX Dungeon Entry
      • Remove DX Dungeon Entry drop from all fields
      • DX Dungeon Entry is now able to drop only from Hazardous Valley (Easy / Normal / Hard)
    • Chaos Arena Dungeon Entry (Key) matains current drop
  • Minesta Capsule
    • Remove Minesta Capsule drop from all fields
    • Remove quests which give Minesta Capsule as reward
    • Minesta Capsule is now able to obtain from DX Dungeon
      • Panic Cave (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15
      • Steamer Crazy (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18
      • Catacomb Frost (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 19 / Chapter 20 / Chapter 21
      • Lava Hellfire (Easy / Normal / Hard): Chapter 22 / Chapter 23 / Chapter 24
      • Hazardous Valley (Easy / Medium / Hard): Chapter 25 / Chapter 26 / Chapter 27
  • Add Drop
    • Add the “Essence Rune (HP)” to drop from Forbidden Island (Awakening)
    • Forbidden Island and Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall now drop
      • Effector Core (Piece) and Minesta Diamon Charm
  • Remove drop
    • Remove “Essence Rune (HP)” to from from all fields
    • Remove “Lottery Coin”
    • Remove “Chaos Lamp”
  • Item properties changes
    • Siena Piece from Altar of Siena B2F is now tradeable
    • Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring from Tower of the Dead B1F is now tradeable

4. Changes related to equipment comparison

  • Support for showing stats differences between before/after upgrade

5. Changes related to Dummy Training

  • Dummy Training is increased in HP, Defense
  • Dummy Training is now giving Pet EXP

■ Additions

1. Add Character slot extender (No. 8)

  • NPC: Grocer: Deighton – Bloody Ice
  • Price: 500,000,000 Alz
  • Output: Open 8th character slot for account

2. Add new recipes for Force Gunner items crafting

  • Armor (Battleset)
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill Books

3. Add the Force Gunner armors in to drop list of Dungeons and Fields

4. Add skill sounds to Force Gunner Skills

5. Add item sales

  • AP Saver (100) is now sold by NPC
    • NPC: Grocer: Hampric – Port Lux
    • Price: 5,000,000 Alz
    • Properties:
      • Tradeable – Store up to 100 AP
      • Able to look-up in Auction Hall
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_ap_saver
  • Argis Armor (FG) Box
    • NPC: Armor Dealer: Agris – Port Lux
    • Price: 2,000,000 Alz & Drei Frame Core x 30
    • Peticia Key is required for open the Box
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_fg_armor_box



Dec 07th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Reduce boss monster spawn time in in low-level dungeon

  • Ruina Station:
    • Reduce spawn time of Mech Spider bosses
  • Tower of the Dead B2F:
    • Activation of monsters after killed 3 Ghosts
    • Reduce spawn time of Jumar Carbo
    • Reduce spawn time of Andreas Schultz


2. Changes to Minesta and Arcane Golem Unbinding Stones

  • Unbind success rate is fixed with +15
    • Minesta Unbinding Stone: 90% (at +15 -> +20)
    • Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone: 75% (at +15 -> +20)
  • This success rate will be displayed in the tooltip

3. Blessing Beads changes

  • Blessing Bead – Plus
    • Drop Rate: 25% -> 30%
    • Box additional drop rate: 0% -> 50%
    • WEXP: 25% -> 50%
  • Blessing Bead – Superior
    • EXP: 50% -> 100%
    • Drop Rate: 10% -> 30%
    • Box additional drop rate: 50% -> 100%
    • WEXP: 25% -> 100%



Dec 09th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Rune slot expansion

  • Increase the maximum number of Rune Slots to 30 (was 16)
  • Able to use Rune Slot Extender – Essence up to 14 times (was 3)



■ Additions

1. Add special buff for Platinum Service users

  • Once the service is activated, buff will be granted
  • Buff icon will be display on the top right corner, beside the GPS map
    • Moving mouse over, stats and duration will be displayed
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_platinum_buff
  • There are 3 level of Buff: Normal / Rare / Unique
    • By default, Normal buff is given
    • Buff can be upgraded to Rare / Unique using Buff Upgrade UI
    • 20161219_ep17_patch_notes_nov_and_dec_platinum_buff_upgrade


Dec 14th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Disc Dice

  • Change the material required for Disc Dice recipes
  • Change the output of Disc Dices
    • Was: 1-6
    • Change: 20 – 120


2. Change related to “Empty Bottle” price sold from NPC Chloe in Port Lux:

  • 1: 100 Alz => 30,000 Alz
  • 127 (bundle): 12,700 Alz => 3,810,000 Alz