[EP10] [Info] Preview clip of New Mission Battle System : Frozen Colosseum

For details of New Mission Battle System, check KR Sep 26th 2012 patch notes

Here is the clip (made in HD 1080p :D)





[KR] [Fun] Best Korean UCC (User Created Contents)

Here are four of best User Created Contents of KR Cabal which got the highest votes from KR Cabalers

Click on the image for the KR page with clip

🙂 Have fun 🙂

703 611

703 611

703 611

807 611

Full collection of BM3 Videos/Screenshots

I’ve just put all of them here in a single post, so you can check them out all in a row


FB with BM3 in IC1

BL with BM3 in Hazardous Valley (new DX)

FA with BM3 in Panic Cave

WA with BM3

WI with BM3

WI with BM3


Blader with BM3

Force Blader with BM3

Wizard with BM3

Warrior with BM3

Force Shielder with BM3