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[KR] [EP12] Jul 09th 2014 Patch notes

■  Changes 1. Change the option of Bringer / Guardian title Bringer 10% Resist Suppression 10% Resist Silence Guardian 5% Resist Suppression 5% Resist Silence 2. Stats Formulas change Increase the […]

[KR] [EP11] Aug 28th 2013 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that caused Buff Icon did not appear in certain situations ■  Changes 1. Change materials needed for crafting Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring Number of “Sealed Core of Mergaheph” […]

[KR] [EP10P3] Apr 10th 2013 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Fix bugs related to character effect status Fix the bug that displays only one effect status on target The duration displays abnormally when player got more than […]