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Hello CABALers !

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  1. Hey Mr.Wormy can you make a guide of how much the 3 slotted weapons/armors gives. like a pure crit dmg weap will give 12%(1st slot)+12%(2nd slot)+1%(3rd slot).how bout others like skill amp…?

    Thank you for answering in advance…


  2. Hello good day! Just wanna say about the FB class. It seems it is the only character that has so many advantages against other class. e.g the unmovable skill. It is not fair to have the FB a greater debuff skills since in PH there are so many FB class and I mean “many”. It is very irritating to play mission war and the class you are against are FB’s. Maybe you can decrease the duration of the unmovable skill. e.g. I will face 5 FB’s and one by one they will cast the unmovable skills towards me which is not fair. Hope you can review this “Not So Fair Skill”. Thank You.


    • That’s called “team play” and you should never run alone in mission war or wounder around the map – be a team player and go with your party – then you’ll notice that FB’s are defensless. The unmovable skill is useles if 5 fbs are vs you – they will definetly kill you w/o unmovabl skill.
      Just sain’ that you should think in mission war about the advantages and dissadvantages before you rush in the main battle.


      • is that cuz you are noob and dont know how to use fb you can unmove all with field of exexration and just run you can defeat x5 fb alone only if you have like 20k attack power and again is so hard.!!!


  3. hi mrwormy if i force slot 1st slot critical damage, 2nd slot critical rate and slot extend a helm, will the critical rate slot be moved to 1st slot and protected wont be gone even fail force slotting 3rd slot?


  4. Hey Mr. Wormy, can you give a guide where we can earn a lot of alz from crafting, crafting of ULIC/AFI nowadays is harder than before because we cannot craft anymore those entries from daily quest from O’Conner.



  5. I do agree with all of the ideas you have introduced for your post.
    They are very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts
    are very quick for starters. Could you please prolong them a bit from next time?
    Thanks for the post.


      • fast quest Mr. Wormy about Extreme stone can i use this extreme stone example
        Mith extreme 4/4 and use it on pw5 .???


      • No, if you store 4/4 from mith suit u can use it on:
        – these grade : mith / drei / arc / pala
        – these items : gloves / mith boots / helm / suit

        once u sealed, it will be level 4 – armor, can be used on armor only with max ex 4 or higher (4/5/6 => mith / drei / arc / pala)


  6. I hope there will be a 1 vs 1 on PVP arena, so there will be a fair duel between characters in No item mode, totally skill of a cabal player will be tested. Also, we could duel 1 on 1 players on the other servers.
    Aside from 1 vs 1, I hope there is 10v10 or 15v15 in pvp arena with a wider map, wherein we can play like in mission war anytime, but the difference is just totally killing players. On the 10v10 or 15v15, players can freely join, the match will start even the number of players both teams is not equal (like crossfire) 🙂

    ~LordNixyr0n of Cabal PH~


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