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Category: Test Server

#EP21 Mar 29th 2018 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that buff skill cannot be used while selecting a party member who is not in range 2. Change Appearance cannot be displayed in certain situations […]

#KR #EP20P2 Jan 25th 2018 Patch notes

■ Changes 1. Changes related to “Devil’s Tower” DX Dungeon Devil’s Shop changes Stop selling Quartz Core / Astral Core / Material Core (Mithril) Add new: Slot Extender (High) Price […]

#KR #EP20 Nov 29th 2017 Patch notes

■ Changes 1. Change the required level for equip some low level belts 2. Dungeon Play Time Limit (DPTL) Add new Dungeon Play Time Limit (DPTL) DPTL is divided by several […]

#KR #EP19P2 Nov 08th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug that disconnect client while wearing items with appearance chance and costume at the same time 2. Fixed bug that causes Attack Ability didn’t update according […]