Cabal M PH – Pre-registration Guide

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Cabal M PH will open its gate for Heroes of Nevareth for pre-registration from 28-June-2021. In this post, I will bring you guys a brief guide for doing the pre-registration for Cabal M PH.

Access to the Cabal M PH website at:

Remember that the pre-registration will be open from 28-June-2021.

Once the “pre-registration” is available, you can access to the “pre-registration form”.

Provide the required information for the pre-registration form, including these information:

  • Email:
    • Input your email address, which must be linked with Google Play Store or Apple Store.
    • Remember that, you must have access to this mail box, in order to click on the verification link later.
  • Full Name: Your full name.
  • Referral Code: Any referral code, if you have.
    • This is not required anymore in the updated version of pre-registration.
  • Verification: Click on Google Captcha for verification.
  • Submit: Click on “Submit” once you filled all other information.

If all information are valid, you will see this screen.

Access the mailbox that you provided in the pre-registration form, you would have an email like this.

Click on “Confirm Pre-Registration” to proceed. The last step might take a while due to the huge HYPE of the whole community for the pre-registration. Stay calm!

Once you see this screen, you pre-registration is completed. Kindly wait for the further announcements from Cabal M PH for the Closed Beta Program.

Remember these points to ensure that you have a smooth experience of pre-registration and Closed Beta time.

  • Proceed the pre-registration with and email that linked with Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • There will be special bonus package applied for players based on the pre-registration time.
  • Recommended device specifications:


  1. Hindi ko pa alam kung anu pwede kung icomment . Ks 1st time ko lalaruin to . Nakikita ko lng po kc to sa Computer Shop . Kaya nagulat ako nag Karoon sa Mobile kaya . Sa Pag kakataon nito . Masubukan ko Kahit dito sa Cabal Mobile nato . . .

    More Power . To All your . Admin . Sa Bumubuo ng Games Nato Mabuhay kayong Lahat .

    At Lalo pang Maging Maganda Sa Kapwa ko Bago dito . .

    Thank you .


  2. Where to get the refferal code to be fill in the form? Or we simple put N/A if we don’t have. Tnx for your reply mr. Wormy


  3. the link was still loaded and cant be pre registration can we direct my email to your team? to proceed the prereg? Thanks.


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