Cabal Mobile will be available by end of Q3/2020!

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By earlier of August 2020, Electronics Extreme – the publisher of Cabal Thailand (also know as Cabal Extreme) – has confirmed officially regarding the release of Cabal Mobile for the Thailand market.

Along with the extension for the contract of publishing the PC version of Cabal Online for the Thailand market, also the signing ceremony for authorising the publishing right for Cabal Mobile has been conducted with representatives from ESTGames (Mr. Hyung Baek Lee, Chief Executive Officer) and Electronics Extreme (Mr. Thanin Piromkhaeng, Chief Executive Officer).

Signing the contract for renewal of Cabal PC and authorisation of Cabal M

The contract for the PC version has been signed for renewal, to ensure that, gamers can enjoy the game in both platforms PC and Mobile at the same time. The renewal for PC version also gives players a “green-flag” that the PC version will be regularly updated with all of new contents and fixes.

Mr. Hyung Baek Lee, CEO – ESTGames and Mr. Thanin Piromkhaeng, CEO Electronics Extreme Ltd.

Cabal Mobile (aka Cabal M / 카발 모바일 / 카발 M) is an action-themed mobile game MMORPG, which wraps full of fancy and beautiful world of Nevareth from PC into Mobile. The mobile version of the game brings not only that familiar game concept of PC version into the mobile device but also with lots of mobile optimisations such as: new modern game UI, auto battle system…

The Thai-localised version of Cabal Mobile is expected to be finished and available for Thailand market by end of Q3/2020. The official landing page has been released recently (

Take a look of the actual gameplay footage here for Beta version from Mar-2019

And some newer in-game footage of 2020

45 things you might MISS in the trailer of CABAL Mobile


  1. does it have an English version in settings?
    or it’s just like cabal korea that needs parallel lite to have an English version?

    notice me


  2. does it have an english version in settings. or its just like cabal korea that needs parallel space app to have an English version?


  3. Greetings Mr. Wormy!
    It makes a survey for us in America, about the closing of the servers between 08/21 to 08/24.
    Where the entire server is closed.
    Was it really hacker or the company that takes care, closed the doors for the players?


  4. how to change the language to english language sir ??
    i really need that language on my cabal mobile
    (nickname = sigesitsiiit)


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