Cabal Online – Episode 27 – Aug 12th 2020 Patch Notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed error that keeps the tooltip of the Collection System showing while opening the Guild UI at the time a tooltip of Collection UI is showing.

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Field Boss system

  • Change number of maximum parties can get reward and amount of Conqueror’s Token based on the difficulty of the Field Boss
  • Changes the Reward mechanism
    • Remove Party Reward
    • Personal Reward is now paid as Alz and Item
    • Details of Personal Reward
  • Change the HP and HP Recovery of Field Bosses
    • Increase HP:
      • Death Horn – Urhorn
      • Penalizer of the Flame – Hell Rider
      • Rage’s – Arcane Golem
    • Increase HP slightly:
      • Heart of Volcano – Margonos
      • Striker – Ragno
      • Future Weapon – Gustav_Zg
      • Ancient Destroyer – Kelosus
      • Ancient Vanguard – Kargos
    • Decrease significantly HP Recovery of all Field Bosses
  • Change that Boss will not change the view towards players when Boss got hits
  • Changes related to UI
    • Change the Font Size of the Boss Health Bar
    • Adjust the Field Name, Boss Name and Title in the Field Boss UI
    • Adjust the UI, so that full of the reward items could be checked inside the Field Boss UI
  • Add new Achievements and Titles
  • Increase the Amount and Drop Rate of the Elixir of Luck dropped at the tune if defeating the old Field Bosses

2. Changes related to the Channel Selection UI

  • Increase width
  • Add the icon to show the Field Boss Battle is active

■ Additions

1. Added the information of max stats for achievement in the Achievement UI

  • Show the stats that currently applied from that achievement
  • Show the maximum stats that player can get from the achievement (if achieves the max count of the achievement)

■ Mission War

1. Improvements for the previous update which block the stats of durational items when character joins Mission War:

  • Show the duration of the durational items in the Confirmation UI when player enters the Mission War Lobby
  • Able to change the items with the durational by non-durational / permanent items
  • Fixed bug that causes abnormal Astral Weapon skill due to the disability of durational items

One comment

  1. Can I ask something? Does the mission war in cabal mobile works the same with Cabal online? I forgot the schedule of time for mission wars.


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