Cabal Online – Episode 24 Part 2 – Sep 06th 2019 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed the error that caused the client disconnection for several situation when character is moving.

2. Fixed the error that the attack was stopped when attack a group of monsters.

3. Fixed the error that bosses in Hazardous Valley didn’t attack character in certain situation and position.

4. Fixed the error that the Jewel Cube (Emerald) from Guild Treasure cannot received for certain situation

■ Change

1. Changes and additions to Collection system

  • Stats from the completion effects would be granted based on the completeness
    • Old: Have to complete 100% to get the effects
    • New: Effects will be granted partially when 30%, 60% or 100% of the collection is reached.
      • For example, if the Collection has 10 slots, you complete 2 slots, you get 20%.
      • Stats will be given even you didn’t receive the individual reward for the collection yet.
  • Stats based on completion progress
    • Table from Cabal KR is cumbersome and with lots of text, so basically, it gives you 30% bonus when you reach 30% of the collection, and 50% bonus when you get 60% of the collection.
  • Special Collection
    • Complete the collection by collecting items related to Enhancement, Craft, War, Costume, Bike and Soul Ability
    • Add “Special” tab inside the Collection UI
    • Some items would be excluded for registering into the Collection system (for the “Special” tab)
  • Event Collection
    • Add the Event Collection
    • Earning Reward by collecting specific items during specific period
    • Add the “Event” tab to the Collection UI
      • If there is no related event, the tab will not be shown
  • Change the number of items can register at once to 100 items

2. Improved some dungeon vision

  • Increase the maximum zoom range for certain dungeons and mission war fields. Viewing angle is also adjusted
  • Some object has been changed into transparent to improve the view for certain dungeons.

■ Additions

1. Add a “Secret Store”

  • Add a new NPC “Secret Merchant Hirogly” near Bloody Ice Warehouse
    • Allow to access to the “Secret Shop” via this NPC
  • Secret Shop
    • Five different items would be shown on the Secret Shop based on random chance
    • Items in each slot could be purchased once only
      • Slot with purchased item would not be filled until the next periodical update
    • The same list is shared for all characters in the same account
  • Reset the Sales list
    • Sales list would be updated twice a day (18:00 and 23:00)
    • Sales list could be forced to reset using Force Gem
      • 1st time: 10 Force Gem
      • 2nd time: 25 Force Gem
      • 3rd time: 50 Force Gem
      • 4th time: 100 Force Gem
      • 5th time: 200 Force Gem
      • 6th time: 600 Force Gem

2. Add “Daily Challenge Mission”

  • Target: Character at level 200+
  • Mechanism:
    • Daily Mission will be automatically count without the accepting step (you don’t have to talk with any NPC to receive the quest)
    • Mission progress would be reset at midnight (0:00)
    • Progress is character based
  • Add new “Daily Challenge Mission” UI
    • Add new “Daily Challenge Mission” to the “Quests and Achievements” group
    • Add the new icon on the bottom bar of game screen
  • Challenge Mission List
  • Reward
    • By completing Mission, Mission Point will be granted
    • Reward Level is based on Mission Point
    • There will be 2 (two) types of reward:
      • Fixed reward
      • Optional reward
        • Optional reward can be selected when you reach the Reward level
    • Reward will be paid via in-game mail

3. Essence Rune: Attack Rate II / Defense Rate II

  • Obtain:
    • As random item from the NPC “Hirogly”
  • Stats and Required Items per level

4. Merit Mastery – Platinum Rank related items

  • Special Mastery Seal
    • Able to seal the Special Mastery of Merit Mastery – Platinum Rank
    • Output item is available for trading
    • Able to re-apply on a different character
  • Platinum Rank Memory Extender
    • Able to expand the Memory slotsExtend 1 slot per use
    • Able to use up to 2 times
      • Original Limit: 3 Slots
      • After Extended Limit: 5 Slots

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