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Cabal Mobile – Frequently Asked Questions

This is the most desired post for long time, all people keep asking for this for last week. Here you are, the Cabal Mobile FAQ (Cabal M / 카발모바일 / 카발M). Read the “Notes” section carefully before you start to go with these Q&A.


  • Through the post, I will use CM for Cabal Mobile, others abbreviations can be found in Abbreviations part below
  • All Questions are Answers are valid at the time of the post, these Q&A are subjected to change in future.
  • Questions are categorised into 2 main groups: General / Contents
  • My target is updating this post weekly. If you have any other questions, you can leave your questions here in comment box


  • Cabal Mobile: CM
  • Cabal Online (Cabal Online 1): CO
  • Cabal 2: C2
  • Question: Q
  • Answer: A
  • Closed Beta: CBT
  • Open Beta: OBT
  • Not available: N/A
  • To-be-announced: TBA
  • To-be-determined: TBD
  • To-be-confirmed: TBC
  • Subject-to-change: STC


Q: When will CM be available?
A: CBT is available from 13-Mar-2019 to 17-Mar-2019.

Q: How can I register for CM CBT?
A: You need to be a Korean Citizen with a valid verifiable Korean phone number, over 18 years old to register for CBT.

Q: Is there any OBT for CM?

Q: When will CM launch globally?
A: Late 2019. (STC)

Q: Is CM not available on Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad)?
A: Yes, til now, developer announced only Android version. (STC)

Q: Is there any specific requirements for Android devices?

Q: Official site for Cabal Mobile?


Q: CM is based on CO or C2?
A: CO.

Q: CM is the same with Project: MC2 and Project: Alice?
A: CM is the same with Project: Alice, but it seems to be different with Project: MC2.

Q: What CM game type?
A: Mobile MMORPG.

Q: Is CM open-world game or not?
A: Yes CM is open-world.

Q: How many battle styles are there in CM?
A: 6 battle styles (classes); including: WA, WI, BL, FB, FA, FS.

Q: What types of content can we expect from CM?
A: Open-world areas, Dungeons, DX Dungeons, Battle Aura, Battle Modes, Combo, Astral Bike, Quests, Party.

Q: Is there any differences between CO and CM?
– CM is build based on CO story line, but contents are not up-to-date with CO.
– (TBC) CM is developed up-to Episode 9 – Rising Force with Tower of the Dead B3F.
– (TBC) CM support “Auto” mode for assisting some tasks completion.

Q: Is there any linkages between CO and CM?
A: No.

Q: Can I access my character in CO from CM?
A: No.

Q: Is it possible to do “Trade” items and Alz (game currency) like CO?

Q: Is there any real-money factors?
A: Yes, Cash Shop is available with items such as Force Gem, Blessing Beads.

Q: What stats items could have? Same like CO?
A: Yes, for example: “Shadowtitanium Plate (WA) +12” (2 slots HP, Epic 5% All Skill Amp.)


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