Cabal Online – Episode 22 Part 3 – October 12th 2018 Patch notes

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■ Changes

1. Change the maximum grade for Earring Chaos Upgrade from 12 to 15 

  • Required cores for upgrading from 12-15: 5 cores per level
  • Stats from 13-15

2. Change icons of some Force Code

  • Ignore Penetration, Aura Mode Duration Extension

3. Change inventory image of some items

  • Upgrade Core Bundle
  • Chaos Core Bundle
  • Divine Stone Bundle
  • Key of Chaos Lv. 7


1. Add Premium Benefit Box / Special Gift Box

  • //WIP

2. Add Force Wing Elixir Item

  • Elixir of Wings
    • Elixir of Wings is the item that character who equips Force Wing can use for gaining Force Wing experience
    • If you have enough Force Essence, and if the experience exceeds 100%, level will be up automatically
  • NPC DP Merchant in Port Lux sell new cube: “Wing Cube”
    • Cost: 40 DP
    • Output: All outputs are character-binding
  • Add Elixir of Wings to Auction Hall

3. Additions for Force Wing Training UI

  • Add feature to check stats of Force Wing in Force Wing Training UI
    • Show only the current stats
  • Add constraints for Force Wing Training
    • Cannot train during Mission Battle / PvP Battle / Mission War

4. Add Safeguard (Earring Chaos Upgrade)

  • For preventing destruction of Chaos Upgrade for Earring
  • If you do not have enough of Safeguard in your inventory, Chaos Upgrade of earring won’t be protected
  • Add new recipe for “Safeguard (Earring Chaos Upgrade) “
    • “Essence of Chaos (Earring)” can be obtained from last boss of Chaos Arena Lv. 7
  • Add category for “Safeguard (Earring Chaos Upgrade) and “Essence of Chaos (Earring)” 

5. Add “Unique” grade for Platinum Buff

  • Stats
  • Price 10 Force Gem / day (10% discount)

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