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Cabal Online – Episode 23 – November 23rd Patch notes

■ Changes

  1. Change item drop position
    • Field, Dungeon (including Quest Dungeons)
      • Drop at last attacked character position
      • If game cannot find out the character who attacked at last, drop at monster position
    • Mission War
      • Drop in front of the monster

■ Additions

  1. Astral Bike – Add QW7
    • Required Level: 160+
    • Drop Location:
      • Forgotten Temple B3F: Legendary Box / Legendary Cube
      • DX: Mirage Island: Legendary Box / Legendary Cube
    • Warehouse function:
      • Both Remote Warehouse (from RW3) and Private Warehouse (PW5) are available for use
      • Same Private Warehouse (which was from PW5) will be accessed from QW7
        • Change “Open PW5 Warehouse” to “Open Special Bike Warehouse”
  1. Upgrade QW7 Bike
  • Using Transcendence Core Grade
  • Upgrade Stats
  • Granting Slot Options
    • Granting Slot:
      • Can be done with Bike Slot Converter (Transcendence)
      • Up to 2 slots
      • Converting has 100% success rate
    • Recipe for Bike Slot Converter (Transcendence)
    • Granting Slot Options
      • Using Bike Option Scroll (Transcendence)
      • Fee
        • 0 Slot: 14,000,000 Alz
        • 1 Slots: 28,000,000 Alz
        • 2 Slots: 56,000,000 Alz
  • Slots Options
  • Granting Epic Options:
    • Using Bike Epic Converter (Transcendence)
    • Applicable for Bike QW7 with 2 slot and +7 or higher
    • Recipe for Bike Epic Converter (Transcendence)
  • Epic Options:
  • New Request Recipes for Bike QW7

  • Extraction
    • Obtain Bike Option Scroll (Transcendence)

3. Other additions for Bike / Board

  • When extracting these Bike / Board, there is chance to get Bike Option Scroll (Transcendence)
    • Astral Bike – Type PW5
    • Astral Board – K Red
    • Astral Board – K Violet
    • Astral Board – K Red Crystal Edition
  • Add drop for Bike Part (Transcendence)
    • Forgotten Temple B3F: Legacy Box / Legacy Cube
    • DX Mirage Island: Legacy Box / Legacy Cube

■ Mission War

  1. Able to open Force Wing UI in Mission War
  2. Able to Level up Force Wing, Train Force Wing

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