[KR] [EP10] Nov 07th 2012 Patch notes

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1. Fixed bug that caused unable to craft event items

2. SP Recovery rate of some skills error

3. Fixed bug related to Enervation / Field of Enervation

4. Fix bugs related to Blade Enchant Buffs

5. Fix bug that did  not apply Mission Battle Costume / Weapon rules to players after Mission War

6. Fix bug related to display HP Regen in when staying in Green Despair

7. Game delay / slow to respond in certain cases, fixed

8. Fixed bugs related to Damage Reduction rune

  • Client disconnect when receiving Damage Reduction rune from Auction Hall
  • Fixed bug that caused abnormal stats of Damage Reduction being applied on character when using Damage Reduction rune


1. Blader Skill Change

  • Death Cross
    • Remove SP consumption
    • Cooldown adjusted to 3s
    • Level 1 Skill Amp will be 25.5% and +0.5% per level
    • Level 1 Attack will be 254.9 and +6 per level
    • Remove Silence effect
  • Assault
    • Consumes SP : 300
    • Cooldown changed : 180 s
    • Skill Amp fixed at 20% regardless of level
    • Level 1 Attack will be 120 and +20 per level
    • Add option : Silence target for 6s (At level 1 : 61% Chance, +1% per level – At level 20 : 80%)
    • Allowed using in Battle Mode 2/3

2. Wizard Skill Change

  • Energy Field skill is now allowed using in Battle Mode 3

3. Monsters’ difficulty adjustment

  • Monsters at level 80 and below
    • Stats slightly lowered
  • Illusion Castle Underworld
    • Attack Rate of serveral Bosses lowered
  • Attack of monsters in dungeons lowered

4. Mission Battle-related changes

  • Gives SP as reward of Standard Battle
    • SP amount will be calculated based on game time
    • Compensating SP amount will be calculated at the end of Battle


1. Add quick slot image for Odd Circle

  Mission War

1. Fixed the Score calculating bug for personal score in Mission War

2. Change the fee to enter Mission War to 0 Alz

3. Changes related to Guardians / Force Towers

  • Target : MW 110-139 / 140-169 / 170-190
  • Changes
    • Raise Defense of Guardians
    • Raise Defense of Force Towers

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