[EU] [Cash Shop] Again, Safeguards are BACK!

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The popular Enchant Safeguards are back!

Safeguards are:

  • Account Binding
  • Limited to 30 per Account per type (2x packs of 10, and 10 individual safeguards)


What do they do? Quite simply a Safeguard protects your gear from losing levels when you fail an upgrade. You only need to have them in your inventory while upgrading. If your item can lose 2 levels when an upgrade fails you will need to have 2 Enchant Safeguards for them to work. Safeguards are consumed when your gear fails during upgrading – a successful upgrade will not use a Safeguard!


  • You try to upgrade from +9 to +10. Your upgrade fails.
    • Without Safeguards your item most likely go to +7
    • With two Safeguards your item will stay as +9, but two Safeguards will be consumed to protect your item and keep it on +9
    • With one Safeguard only your item will still go to +7, and no Safeguards are consumed

The Enchant Safeguards will be available in the shop from today onwards, for all versions. They will be added to each shop throughout the day, so if they are not available yet just be patient.

Location: Consumables >> Enchant Safeguards

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