Experiences from player from Cabal NA

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Source : Cabal EU Forum : http://forum.cabalonline.com/

Credit to : Hilal

I play in Cabal NA. I’ll try here to give you some ideas about how the things going on in NA.
1. you don’t have to save a lot of dung entries, grinding for the bm3 quest will provide hell a lot of entries (i laughed at ppl who bought all dx dungs). the only exception for this is eod b1f and eod b2f.
2. you can put a comment beside ur name. this comment appears to the ppl who have u in their buddy list and in the guild. there are nice and funny comments i have seen: Stains sucks, fuk you cabal, it’s my birthday, Elievento i’m looking for you, help the poor and send me 10k. some other ppl put their countries names with their flags colors.
3. first time, u get the quest capsule twice, then one each everyday.
4. you can get an eof+8 from the new lamps of dazzelment (a player got one from the highest lamp, and all of them give u nice items)
5. best chapter of the first 3 chapters is chapter 3 in pi. u can finish it in 30mins at most.
6. the drop rate of the new bracelet is same as the drosnin earings.
7. customs for free for every one. you can change appearance of your armor to the armor u like. that means all the clean items drop for u will be useful and can be sold in agent shop. many ppl changed their appearance to the lvl 1 armor. and many ppl with topaz orbs +15 have now the appearance of forcy (mithril) orbs +15
8. from my experience, drop rate has increased.
9. no event accompanied the new patch, i guess is this because the patch is already the biggest update in the game, no need then for more modifications in the game for the sake of an event.
10. War is now one of the nicest thing in game. guardians now have more hp and def and hit much harder. It might be hard to get a legacy and keep it. you might find yourself chased by ur enemy nation just to get your legacy weapon.
11. pi still drops skill books even when they are sold in npc for 3.8m.
12. ppl, immediately after the update, will be focusing on grinding for the bm3 quests. you can take advantage of this and hunt all maps bosses
13. you will get ur bm3 sooner or later, for me later is better. you can be rich by selling bm3 quest books or just use them for yourself. but for me it’s a waste of alz to buy them.
14. drop rate of the kilian ring is like the merg if not lower.
15. scrolls will be rare thing to get. so crafters try to collect as much as u can b4 the update. even def rate scrolls will be useful after the update to lvl.
16. again i like war after the update
if any more ideas came to my mind i’ll share them with you here
thanks, and hope this will enlighten you.

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