KR Patch Notes : Nov 16th 2011

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■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug, that caused to drop abnormally epic items in Marquinas Outpost

2. GPS Location on the minimap of Infinity Chaos Arena dungeon can not be seen, bug is fixed

3. Fix the bug of displaying information in Guild Warehouse using list while using mouse wheel

4. The close button (X) for cancelling of buying skill book is displayed abnormally, bug is fixed

5. Killian’s Quest Ring displays abnormal information, bug is fixed

■ Changes

1. Change related to Chaos Lamp

i) the existing chaos lamp

  • Delete old Chaos Lamp
    • Old Chaos Lamp won’t be dropped anymore in the game. But old lamps will be maintained in Inventory/Warehouse/Auction House/Guild Warehouse.

ii) Add new Chaos Lamps

  • Key item is needed for openning new Chaos Lamp
    • To open the new chaos lamp, owner needs key in inventory
  •  Grades of Lamp : Low / Medium / High / Highest
    • Depends on the grade of Lamp, the owner needs specified quantity and combination of Key items
  • Drop area of Lamps

iii) Key item

  • Name: Chaos Lamp Order
  • Price: 200,000 Alz each
  • Sell: Grocer shops in towns

*Images and Names of Chaos Lamp/Key Item can be changed in future

2. Auction House Category Change

3. Changes related to new DX Dungeon Submarine Valley Traders

  • In all difficulty, the last boss reduces damage from 95% to 5% (?)

4. Changes related to Chaos Infinity

  • Area of Vision of monsters in Chaos Infinity reduced
  • The damage of all the monsters in the Chaos Infinity slightly increased, HP slightly decreased
  • All Monsters’ Attack Rate / Defense Rate in Chaos Infinity raised
  • All Monsters’ Defense slightly decreased

5. NPC store bulk selling/buying changes

  • Allow changing the quantity of buying / selling item by using up/down button

6. Monsters in Fields / Dungeons’ drop changes

  • All General / Boss monsters will drop Epic items (?)
  • Boxes / Chests are listed as non-monster

■ Additions

1. Add the “Yuan (Normal)” in Auction Hall

2. Add some categories in Auction Hall

  • Yuan in Pet / Mercenary > Mercenary Cards
  • Add some beads item categories
  • New Chaos Lamps (Low / Medium / High / Highest)

3. Add “Alz” after the number of Alz in Warehouse

4. Add new mercenaries

  • Some Monster Mecenary Cards can be obtained from boxes / chests in dungeons

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