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Cabal Expansion Part V

Cabal Expansion Part V
Current Status : Test
KR Released Date : –

Please REMEMBER that : this is the patch notes of KR TEST server
that means the RELEASED version may be very DIFFERENT.
Please check this thread WEEKLY for staying UP-TO-DATE

Nov 02nd 2011 Patch notes

■ Fixes

  • Fix bugs related to item tooltips
  • Fix the bug that caused abnormally Magic Skill EXP display in WExp Exchange window.

■ Changes
1. Raise the amount of Critical Rate limitation can be acquired from Rings

  • Old : 30%
  • New : 32%

2. Extraction System Change
i) Change the way of extraction progress

  • Old : Need Transmuter to extract items
  • New : Can extract items without Transmuter
    • Add extract icon in Inventory
      • On the left side of Upgrade icon (bottom-left of inventory window)
      • When click the icon : Extraction mode will be activated, player can extract items in this mode
      • Press ESC or click the icon again : Extraction mode will be deactivated
    • In Extraction mode, items which cannot be extracted will be displayed with red background

ii) Change the rule of extracting weapons / armors

  • By extracting items, player can get the scroll same at the property of item
  • By upgrading the items, player can get better extracting result
  • Change the way of producing option scroll via extracting item
    • Upgraded item up to +6: Gives the chance to obtain option scrolls (not 100%)
    • Upgraded item from +7 and above: Gives 100% chance to obtain option scrolls
      • Upgraded item from +7 and above with Sword Skill Amp / Magic Skill Amp : Gives the low chance to get Amp option scrolls
    • Upgraded item from +13 and above: Gives Perfect core with the same grade of item
      • Upgraded item from +13 to +14: Gives chance to get a Perfect Core with the same grade of item
      • Upgraded item at +15 : Gives 100% chance to get a Perfect Core with the same grade of item

3. Changes related to DP cube

  • Change the requirement of buying DP cubes from NPC
  • Raise the reward of Soul Cubes (amount of AXP raises)
  • Add the “Cube of Fame” for gaining Honor from DP
    • Cube of Fame gives different reward, based on the current honor class of character, player can buy different grades of cube

4. Changes related to some quests

  • In some scenario, general quests and dungeon quests the experience reward will be removed
  • ‘Hidden helper T’ chain-quest deletion
  • Plate of Honor and Plate of Soul will stop to drop
    • These plates will not be deleted, they will still be remained in the system

5. Remove the Map/Warp Code buying fee

  • Map/Warp code will be automatically given when the character meets the requirements
    • When the character reaches a certain level, if it’s possible to enter new field, the Map/Warp code of that field will be given automatically
    • When level up, player can check for information about Map/Warp code acquisition by clicking “Level Up” icon
  • Existing Map/Warp code quests will be deleted
    • Here is the list of them

■ Additions
1. Add the ability to grant property for Epaulets
i) Epaulet +7 or more can be received property in slot via option granting

  • Items needed for granting
    • Epaulet +7 / SIG-Metal Epaulet: Epaulet Option Scroll (High) + Force Core (High)
    • Epaulet +8 / Drei-Frame Epaulet: Epaulet Option Scroll (Highest) + Force Core (Highest)
  • If the granting progress is successful, the whole property of Epaulet will be maintained
  • Epaulet property acquired via option granting can be one of below:
    • HP / Attack / Magic Attack / Defense / Sword Skill Amp. / Magic Skill Amp. / Critical Rate / Critical Damage / Max Crit. Rate / Resist Critical Rate / Resist Critical Damage / Resist Skill Amp

ii) Extracting Epaulets/Costumes

  • Costume extraction: Gives chance to obtain Epaulet Option Scroll (High / Highest) and Quartz Core (Epaulet) 1 – 20
  • Epaulet +7 / SIG-Metal Epaulet: Gives 100% chance to obtain 100% Epaulet Option Scroll (High) and Quartz Core (Epaulet) 1 – 20
  • Epaulet +8 / Drei-Frame Epaulet: Gives 100% chance to obtain 100% Epaulet Option Scroll (Highest) and Quartz Core (Epaulet) 1 – 20

iii) Extending epaulets

  • By using Slot Extender / Epaulet Conversion Formula Card, Epaulets can have up to 3 slots
  • Epaulet Conversion Formula Card
    • 0 -> 1 slot conversion (100% convert success)
    • 1 -> 2 slots conversion (not 100% convert success).
    • Required: Crafting Level 1 or more
    • Materials:
      • Epaulet +7 / SIG-Metal Epaulet / Epaulet +8 / Drei-Frame Epaulet
      • Epaulet Conversion Formula Card
      • Quartz Core (Epaulet)
      • Force Core
      • Force Core (Piece)
    • Formula Card can be obtained from new DX Dungeon Submarine Valley
    • This is one-time-use Formula Card
  • Slot Extender can be used for extending slots of Epaulets
    • Epaulet +7 / SIG-Metal Epaulet: Slot Extender (High)
    • Epaulet +8 / Drei-Frame Epaulet: Slot Extender (Highest)

2. Ring of Luck +3 / Critical Ring +3

  • Required: 150 level or higher
  • Drop in the new DX Dungeon Submarine Valley
  • Options
    • Ring of Luck +3: Critical Rate + 17%
    • Critical Ring +3: Increase Critical Damage + 17%

3. Kilian’s Ring
i) Required: 105 level or higher
ii) Option:

  • Critical Rate +16%
  • Critical Damage +3%
  • Attack +5
  • Magic Attack +5
  • HP +15

iii) Acquisition-related quest:The power of the seal ring Kilian

  • Obtained Level: 105 Level
  • NPC: Core Alchemist Keller – Bloody Ice
  • Quest:
    • Quest item can be obtained by killing last Kilian Grausten in Frozen Tower of Dead B2F
    • Quest Item: Kilian’s tissue cells (character binding)
  • Quest cannot be repeatedly accepted and completed

iv) Ring of Kilian Crafting Process

  • Materials:
    • o Kilian’s tissue cells
    • o Ring of Kilian Formula Card
  • Ring of Kilian Formula Card: Core Alchemist Keller in Bloody Ice sells the Formula Card for 50,000,000 Alz
  • Crafting success: 100%
  • A character can have max 01 Ring of Kilian and cannot equip at the same time with Mergaheph Ring

4. Traders new DX Submarine Valley

  • Dungeon Entrance : Undersea Valley Traders
  • Required level: 155 level or higher (Class Level 11 and above)
  • Entry item:
    • “Green Disk of Fire” is sold in NPC for 2,000,000 Alz
    • Entry item does not drop in the game (can be bought only from NPC)
  • Entrance Location : X:23, Y:248 – Green Despair
  • Difficulty: Easy / Normal / Hard
  • Time: 20 minutes

Dungeon Theme BGM
New DX Dungeon Preview

DX’s Boss 1st form

DX’s Boss 2nd form

DX’s Boss 3rd form

  • Base on the difficulty, the special drop changes:
    • Easy:
      • Redosmium/Topaz Weapon
      • Epaulet +7
      • Ring of Luck +3
      • Critical Ring +3
      • Epaulet +7 Conversion Formula Card 1 slot / 2 slots
    • Medium:
      • SIG-Metal Weapon
      • SIG-Metal Epaulet
      • Ring of Luck +3
      • Critical Ring +3
      • SIG-Metal Epaulet Conversion Formula Card 1 slot / 2 slots
    • Hard:
      • Mithril Weapon
      • Epaulet +8
      • Ring of Luck +3
      • Critical Ring +3
      • Mithril Epaulet Conversion Formula Card 1 slot / 2 slots

5. Add “Appearance Change” System

  • The “Appearance Change” system allows player changing the appearance of their items
  • Via the Core Alchemist in each town, they can change and restore the appearance of items
  • Items required for changing appearance:
    • Target item : The item player wants to change the appearance
    • Materials: Material and Alz
  • Duration: The appearance of items can be changed with duration: 1 day / 3 days / 7 days
  • Appearance changing can be done only between same kind of items
    • Ex) Greatsword and Daikatana can be switched the appearance (both of them are two-handed sword)
  • Items which are under the duration of appearance changing are character binding as long as the duration still be active
    • When the duration of appearance changing expires, item will be changed back to its original appearance and remove the character binding status (which caused by changing the appearance)
      • Ex) An account binding Greatsword has been changed into Daikatana in 3 days. So in that 3 days, that “Daikatana” will be character binding. But when the 3 days passes, the old binding-status of item will be restored. Means the “Greatsword” will be back to account binding.

6. Add “Quest Capsule” System

  • Monster will drop new obtainable item kind : Quest Capsule
  • Certain monsters will drop Quest Capsule item
  • When player uses the Quest Capsule, the quest will be accepted can be proceeded directly
    • At this moment in test server only quests under level 100 are added, higher quest will be added to “Quest Capsule” system later.

7. Transcender Books will be sold in NPC

  • Instructor in every town will sell the Transcender Attack Skill books which used to be obtained only from Porta Inferno
  • Other Transcender Skill books will be sold at the same price

8. Additional convenient features
i) Allow doing mass-storing in the Warehouse
ii) Add the [Close] button in Write Mail / Reply Mail window
iii) Change the way of displaying slots and slot options of items

  • • While searching for items in Auction Hall, the number of slots and slot options will be displayed on the right

iv) Improved target selection bar

  • • When selecting another character in war zone, the Battle style icon and HP will be displayed
  • • Grade of monsters will be displayed (normal / named / dungeon boss)
  • • If the monster is event monster, the name will be displayed in light-blue and the grade icon

v) The transparency of chat window can be adjusted

  • • Transparency level can be adjusted via option window

vi) Allow enabling/disabling the display of friends/guild members logging in/logging out message
vii) Add the refresh button in Cash Inventory
viii) The summary of Quest window will change the color
ix) Equipment Comparison Functionality

  • Move the mouse on the item in inventory then press the Shift key, then move to the item which player needs to compare
  • Can compare more than 2 items by keep pressing Shift

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