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Tag: upgrade

[KR] [EP17] Nov & Dec 2016 Patch notes

Nov 24th 2016 Patch notes ■ Changes 1. Change the maximum level of item upgrading to 20 (was 15) Upgrade UI combination Open the Upgrading UI: Right click on upgrade […]

[KR] [EP14] Aug 07th 2015 Patch notes

 ■  Fixes 1. Fixed bugs that caused unable to exit dungeon while proceeding quests. ■  Changes 1. Changes the limitation of Chaos Belt Upgrading with Chaos Upgrade Old: Maximum grade: 15 […]

[EP13P2] [KR] Feb 11th 2015 Patch notes

■ Additions 1. Add the Chaos Equipment New Chaos equipment are added including Armor items (Armorset / Martialset / Battleset) Weapons Epaulets Chaos Equipment can be upgraded with Chaos Core via […]