#KR #EP18 May 10th,17th and 24th Patch notes

May 10th 2017 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Client disconnection while Force Blader uses Magic-type skill while Battle Mode 1 is activated.

2. Fixed bug that causes players cannot re-enter Panic Cave (Hard) in case of client disconnection.

3. Fixed bug that shows pet options abnormally while training

4. Fixed bug that causes abnormal drop/reward


■ Changes

1. Increase chance to get items 2 slots from manufacturing system (both weapons and armors)

2. Pet Untrain UI improvement

  • Change colour for tab name
    • General section: White
    • Contract section: Sky blue
  • Add confirmation window
    • Add confirmation window when uses the untrain kit


3. Increase EXP of first wave monsters in Eternal Chaos Arena

4. Training Dummy now can regenerates HP


May 17th 2017 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Fixed bug that causes abnormal drops from “Treasure of Eternity” box from Eternal Chaos Arena

2. Fixed bug related to “Request” system

  • Fixed bug related to abnormal behaviour of “Complete” button
  • Fixed bug related to abnormal behaviour of “Repeat” button

3. Fixed bug related to quests of NPC Miles.

4. Fixed bug related to Wizard and Force Gunner Battle Mode 3.

5. In case the Defense rate is negative, it will be displayed as 1.


■ Changes

1. Changes related to drop and extraction

  • Increase the drop rate of Palladium Magic items in some dungeons
    • Target dungeon:
      • Illusion Castle Underworld (Reverse)
      • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Reverse)
      • Abandoned City
    • Target item:
      • Orb, Crystal


■ Additional information

1. Added Force Gunner Battle Style Change

  • Add Force Gunner in the Battle Style Change Kit
  • Once used
    • Character will be changed into Force Gunner
    • All Essence / Blended Sword-based Runes will be converted into Magic-based Runes
    • Force Gunner’s Skill Book pacakge


2. Add some dungeon rewards

  • Add special dungeon reward
    • Hazardous Valley (Hard)
    • Hazardous Valley (Awakened)
    • Forbidden Island (Awakened)
  • Items: Special Accessories Box
    • Available output:
      • Blessing Beads 200% EXP
      • Carnelian up to +13
      • Belts up to +12
      • Talisman up to +8
      • Chaos Arcana up to +10
      • Law Arcana up to +12
      • Chaos Safeguards (all types)


May 24th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes


1. Fixed bug that leaded to client disconnection while using temporary inventory

2. Fixed bug that caused abnormal animation of Force Archer Battle Mode 2

3. Shadow of some weapon and hat costumes display abnormally, bug is now fixed

4. Fixed bug that related to linking items in cash inventory



■ Changes

1. Fixed bug that related to quest completion

2. Fixed bug that caused sound cannot be overlapped (was up to 3 sounds at once)


[EP13P1] Dec 13th, 19th and 24th 2014 Patch notes

Dec 13th 2014 Patch notes


1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when trying to register Essence Runes

2. Fixed bug that caused the moving speed of Blader abnormally applied in certain situations

3. Fixed bug that caused Splitting and Merging Warp Stone abnormally applied

4. Fixed bug that caused ranged monsters in Arcane Trace attacked as melee pattern

5. Fixed bug of the destroy (extraction) UI that displayed incorrectly


1. Arcane Trace related changes

  • Additional obstacle objects added in the field
  • Adjust the attack and defense ability of some monsters
  • Range-of-view of some monsters is adjusted

2. Dungeon Boost related changes

  • Difficulty of Dungeon Boost level from 5 to 9 is raised
  • Obtainable EXP increased mapping with the boost grade

3. Character EXP related changes

  • Lower the EXP required for leveling up from 196 – 199
  • Raise the EXP of monsters from wave 1 – 3 in Eternal Chaos Arena

4. Quest item: “Circuit Jewel Lv.7 Sample” (Quest item) is now able to be sold into NPC


1. Add new equipment: Chaos Talisman

  • Add the slot for Chaos Talisman in Character equipment UI


  • Talisman can be upgraded with 10 stages
    • Upgrading uses Chaos Core
    • On success stats are risen
    • On failure, Talisman will be destroyed
    • Upgrading Point is usable
  • Upgrading Options
    • From level 7 and above, new Force Code will be granted


  • Able to use Lock and Unlock item in the Talisman
  • Related changes
    • Character Achievement: God Blessed One
    • Achieving condition: Equip the Chaos Talisman
    • Required condition: Level 100+
    • Reward: 20 Achievement Point

2. Add two new Force Codes

  • Final Damage Up
    • Increase the final damage output
    • Ex: Here are sample data:
      • The original output damage: 10,000
      • Final Damage Up: 5%
      • The final output damage: 10,500
  • Final damage reduction
    • Decrease the final received damage reduction
    • Ex: Here are sample data:
      • The original received damage: 10,000
      • Final damage reduction: 5%
      • The final received damage: 9,500
  • These two Force Codes can be obtained from the new items: “Chaos Talisman”

3. Add new category in the Auction Hall

  • Items: Blessing Beads: EXP Up 200%
  • Category: Beads / Wing > Blessing Beads: EXP Up 200%

Dec 19th 2014 Patch notes


1. Fixed bug that caused unusual items are dropped in Arcane Trace and dungeons

2. Fixed bug that caused Stone Golem in Port Lux did not drop items

3. Fixed bug that some items did not show the information in the Benefits UI

4. Fixed bug that caused the Extraction UI display abnormally

5. Fixed bug that caused Manufacturing system functioned abnormally


1. Changes applied to the in-game Cash Shop

  • In-game Cash Shop is now available to access with specific button
  • Items are categorized into 5 tabs
  • Best / Limited / Blessing Beads / Consumables / Functional


 Dec 24th 2014 Patch notes


1. Fixed bugs related to chat system

2. Fixed that the number of Stone of Transcendence required for Dungeon Boost feature displayed abnormally

  • Step 6: 11
  • Step 9: 21

3. Fixed bug that certain items cannot be registered in Auction Hall

4. Fixed bug that the Pet EXP did not display

5. Fixed bug that certain items did not disappear in non-premium PC Room, in certain situations


1. Change the property of Chaos Talisman to non-dropable


1. Add “NEW” and “HOT” icon for in-game Cash Shop

2. Add the Christmas tree and the statues in the starter towns