[Guide] Pet Selective Untrain Kit


There is a new cash-item which is added in the 3rd Awakening update, it’s Pet Selective Untrain Kit. Today, I will introduce with you about it.

Here is the item


For example, I have a pet with 6 options like this


I buy the “Pet Selective Untrain Kit” from Cash Shop then use that on the pet. A new window (UI) will appear.

In that window, I can select ONE slot to remove (untrain).


After I press “Untrain” button, the selected slot will be removed (untrained), and the pet will get back 1 free slot.


Useful? Hope that it will be available in Cash Shop soon 🙂

Have fun CABALers 😉


[NA] [Cash Shop] Summer Vacation Costume – Charms – Chloe’s Token are available in Cash Shop

Greetings CABAL Online Players,

Charms, along with Chloe’s Token’s, are making their way into Nevareth via our Item Shop. Charms can be located in our new “Equipment” tab. You can find Chloe’s Tokens in our “Hunting Aid > Trade & Craft” tab. Our Item Shop has also been reorganized for your convenience. Hop on and check out whats new.

Item location in Item Shop:
Charms: Equiptment -> Charms
Chloe’s Token: Hunting Aid -> Trade & Craft

Chloe’s Token

Minesta’s Emerald Charm

Defense + 3
HP + 15
Resist Critical Damage + 2%

Minesta’s Ruby Charm

Defense + 3
HP + 15
Resist Skill Amp + 1%

Minesta’s Sapphire Charm

Defense + 3
HP + 15
Resist Critical Rate + 1%

CABAL Support Team


Greetings CABAL Online Players,

The heat is rising in Nevareth, and it’s not just that warm summer weather! Hit the beach and strut your stuff with the Summer Vacation swimsuit costume. Available now!

*This item is available on our Item Shop.

CABAL Support Team