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Tag: co2

[Guide] All you need to know about Pet

NPC Tauranon Most of actions related to Pet are available at NPC Tamer Tauranon. You can pay him a visit at “Brandon’s Farm” in “Clana Island”. Basically, you can access […]

[KR] Jul 28th & Aug 03rd Patch notes

Jul 28th 2015 Patch notes Bug fixes 1. Fixed bugs that caused Force Shielder of Northwest Cartel recover abnormal amount of 2. Fixed bugs that caused the EXP needed for leveling […]

[NA] GM Icee Stream on Jul 25th 2015

The stream can be found here : The stream was focused on patch 1.1.0 and upcoming contents, if you want a summarised version, check it here (credit to DeathDealer guild): […]