About me ?

I’m Trung Nguyen Tri (aka Wormy). I’m working now as a Developer for a company, along with being Freelancer for some project as Web Designer / Project Manager. You can also check out my profile at: linkedin.com/in/trungnguyentri

Now I’m playing Cabal in EU – Mercury server with a Warrior lv 200 – CursedSpirit. Hmm nothing else.

Need to contact or look for collaboration?

About this site?

Want to make players get more information about Cabal Online updates, I made those sites to spread the world all information related to Cabal Online, focused on update info from Korean Cabal.

Stay tune with my channels:


You found content in my site are useful? Want to support me somehow? It’s easy! Drop me some bucks here: paypal.me/mrwormy

Have fun 🙂

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