Cabal Mobile – ESTGames is speeding up their work!

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Previously in April, ESTSoft released the “Cabal Red” teaser page along with a trailer for 30 secs. The clip didn’t reveal much, but it lit up the tunnel of Cabal future that Cabal is not that all. Not only Cabal, Cabal 2 and Cabal Mobile, we will see more of Cabal in the future!

Started with “Cabal Online” in 2005, ESTGame strengthen its empire as a global game company by releasing and publishing different games for both PC and mobile platforms for different markets. Cabal Online is the most powerful one stays on the royal throne with 33 millions players worldwide.

ESTGames works closely with foreign publishers for reaching out of domestic market for the Cabal Mobile game. It was introduced locally for the Korea market in 2019, but from November 2020, the game started its first global move by reaching Thailand and just in April 2021, ESTGames and Playpark (subsidiary of Asiasoft) together signed the publishing contract for the South East Asian countries.

A representative from ESTGames said: The Cabal Mobile will be released officially for the Philippines market by July 2021 and later will be enlarged sequentially for other South East Asian countries.

But… that’s not all! Currently, ESTGames is now working on another Mobile MMORPG with the code name “Project-R”. The Project-R is also a Game based on the Cabal concept but will be built based on high-end Unreal Engine.

With the success from the domestic market and also with the eagerness from the South East Asia for welcoming the Cabal Mobile, ESTGames is also planning to expand the market to cover North America and Europe.

A representative from ESTGames said: “All of these new games that we are working on, are at the finalisation stages; therefore, players can expect to see more update from us in the near future.”

First teaser screen of Project-R

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