Cabal Online – Episode 28 – December 16th, 23rd, 24th 2020 Patch Notes

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December 16th 2020 Patch Notes

■ Skill and Balance

1. Some skill cooldown will be saved in server side

  • Cooldown of these skills are stored at server side, so that the cooldown will not reset on relogging or changing channel
  • Target Skills:
    • Dread
    • Weaken
    • Spirit Intension
    • Curse of Wither
    • Guard Break
    • Field of Provocation
    • Crumble Body
    • Curse of Bleeding
    • Leg Flexure
    • Bloodless
    • Bone Shield
    • Petrified One
    • Art of Blood Thrust
    • Soul of Calamity
    • Bloody Bless
    • Blind Anger

2. Changes related to “Blind Anger” skill of Force Shielder

  • Blind Anger is available to use in Battle Mode 1 and Battle Mode 2
  • Fixed bug related to skill effect was applied abnormally

3. Changes related to Battle Style Change Kit

  • Skill Books for new sub-skill and mastery skill are added into the bundle
  • Darkness and Enervation are deleted from the bundle (if the target battle style is Force Blader)
  • Change the name of some skill book bundle

■ Character

1. Changes / fixes related to Dark Mage

  • Temporarily change the “Bloodless” debuff to applicable on character-target only
    • Will be revised later
  • Fixed bug related to skill timing in combo mode
  • Fixed bug related to level restriction for items from Mystic – Demonite
  • Fixed bug related to character appearance while equipping epaulet

■ Items

1. New Essence Rune (DEX II)

  • Add new request in NPC Chloe
  • AP/material consumption per level

2. When extracting Effector, there is a chance to generate Mirror of Observation (Gold)

■ Dungeon

1. Changes related to Mirage Island (Awakening)

  • Change the spawn cooldown of the meteor skill at the certain named-monsters, now it’s shorter (meant more frequently meteor)
  • At the entrance of the temple area, the wall will have the transparent effect automatically

2. Fixed bug related to disconnection of Tower of the Dead B1F

■ Others

1. Fixed bug that Guild Golden Treasure could not be received in certain situation

2. Fixed bug related to dual-target HP Bar for Wizard and Force Archer in Mission War

December 23th 2020 Patch Notes

■ Skill and Balance

1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection while training some skills

2. Fixed bug that caused the abnormal statuses were applied while using Curse Dodge skill

3. Fixed bug that caused the Skill Transcendence effect was not applied to some heal skills

  • Target:
    • Gladiator: Vital Charge
    • Force Archer: Greater Heal / Mass Heal / Vital Recovery
    • Force Shielder: Heal

4. Fixed bugs in the Battle Mode of Force Archer (Twin Gunner) was abnormally output in certain situations

■ UI

1. Awakening Aura Mode UI related improvements

  • Skill tooltips are now showing in the Awakening Aura Mode UI
  • When pressing ESC while in the Awakening Aura Mode UI, all of related sub-UI will be closed

2. When the skill cooldown is over, a highlight effect is displayed on the border of skill in the quickslot

■ Character

1. Dark Mage related changes and bug fixes

  • Add appearance for some Weapon Costume of Dark Mage
  • Update of some information in skill tooltip
    • Silence: Add the % of Silence to show
    • Bloodless: Show the amount of HP Recovery restricted
    • Petrified One: Remove the number showing the petrified status
  • Fixed bug that caused the achievement for killing Dark Mage is not achieved

2. Fixed bug related to title cannot be equipped

■ Others

1. Fixed bug that World Boss in certain maps were not spawned

2. Fixed bug that related to password for Chat Channel

3. Fixed bug of item visual effect

  • While in extraction mode
  • Items from Challenge Mission and Mission Festival

December 16th 2020 Patch Notes

■ Others

1. Expiration Effect of skill will be applied only for skill with cooldown of 20 seconds or higher

2. Fixed bug that displaying the cooldown expiration abnormally of skill in quick slot while changing the screen (or game client) resolution

3. Fixed bug that showing abnormal appearance when Dark Mage wears certain helmet costumes

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