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[KR] [EP17] Nov 16th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Character Rebalance

  • Add the distance information in the tooltip of Dash/ Blink/ Fade
  • Warrior
    • Increase “Attack” bonus from skill “Soul Blade”
      • At level 20, add 104 Attack
    • Merge attack buff skills
      • Target:
        • Art of Shout
        • Fury Shout
    • Increase range of Axe Attack Skill A / B
  • Blader
    • Increase “Attack” bonus from skill “Soul Blade”
      • At level 20, add 104 Attack
    • Change of the effect of “Knuckle Fatal Skill – I”
      • Change the Knockback to Down
    • Increase range of Knuckle Attack A / B
  • Wizard
    • Revise the range of Blink skill
    • Increase “Magic Attack” from skill “Force Increase”
    • Change the “Piercing Skill” stats
      • At level 20: +60 Penetration
    • Merge “Force Increase” and “Hardness” skill
  • Force Archer
    • Launcher Skill Attack A / B
      • Accuracy +240 (at Level 8)
      • Critical Damage +8%
    • Change Synergy: AABA
      • Name: Intensive Fire
      • Stats:
        • Own:
          • HP – 300
          • MP -300
        • Target:
          • Critical Rate -5%
          • Critical Damage -10%
    • Merge “Sharpness”, “Offensive Bless” and “Precision”
    • Merge “Blind”, “Lower Defense” and “Curse Remove”
  • Force Shielder
    • Change the stats of “Art of Defense”
      • Change “cannot move” to “cannot use movement skill” for 36 secs
    • Raise the “Shield Harden” defense
      • At level 20: 97 defense
    • Raise the “Might Wish” skill
      • At level 20: 240 attack
  • Force Blader
    • Change the skill “Mana Freeze”
      • Change stats:
        • Add stats: -50 Damage Reduction (at level 20)
        • Target: Monster & Character
    • Merge “Blind”, “Lower Defense” and “Curse Remove”
  • Gladiator
    • Add new skill “Adrenaline of Rage”
    • Change to “Heal” skill
    • Change the range of of “Genocide Fatal Attack Skill 1/2/3”

2. Add summary information for “Merit Mastery”

  • Stats in WHITE: Stats in Mission War
  • Stats in ORANGE: Stats outside
    • When “Expansion” skill applied

3. Remove the “Skill Rank-up Condition”

4. Change Mergaheph’s quest ring to “Tradeable”. Sealed core of Mergaheph is still “Character-binding”

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