[Guide] [EP10] Be READY to face with CHANGES in Rising Force

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Quoted from [GM] Viral of Cabal EU

Original version is here

I’ll have to try and make the following points, repeatedly (once will never be enough 😉 ) to at least prepare our players for it.

  1. Some skills will have their cooltime changed, some to as much as 3 minutes. These are normally the ones with the rather vicious effects, such as Suppression / Domination and silence.
  2. The skill system is changed. You will have to think about which skills to take to 20, you won’t have the points to simply put everything on level 20. Now you’ll have to really plan your build.
  3. Skill effects are different, which again means you will probably have to take a real close look at what each skill does, then plan your rotation. Or, as most will do, just wait a bit until the smarter people have figured it out for you 😉
  4. The new PvP Battleground will be a bit rough at the start. It uses an Elo system (developed for chess, used by many games with a ranking) that will take time to roughly group people according to rank. Level does not matter in there, only your rank, based on your win/loss compared to your opponent’s rank. So yes, if you go in on an undergeared level 150 you are going to have a hard time in the first weeks. Level up, gear up, think about how to best use your character, and how other characters skills work, then try again.
  5. The new dungeon is hard. It’s a challenge. Step up or shut up. 🙂

There are some big changes coming, and I understand that change is pretty scary for some. However, I feel that these changes are refreshing the game completely, and it’s definitely making it more fun, even based just on my experiences on the test server.

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