[KR] [EP10P3] Feb 27th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fix bug related to Astral Weapon

  • Fix bug that did not display Astral Weapon when equipping Master’s Crystal
  • Fix bug that displayed Astral Weapon abnormally when equipping Aqua Crystal

2. Fix bug that unable to renew registrations of Auction Hall in certain situations

3. Fix the bug that did not display the expired message of Lottery Coin in certain situations

4. Fix the bug that caused a sound played back when start dancing



1. Changes related to Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening)

  • Increase HP of Bosses
  • Decrease amount of Ranged Attack of Bosses
  • Decrease amount of monsters’ Attack
  • Decrease Attack Speed of Leth Tyrant

2. Adjust AP Consumption of Hit Essence Rune


3. Changes related to AP / DP Saver tooltip

  • Available for Storing only => Store-able once
  • Available for Using only => Use-able once and will be destroyed after

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