[KR] [EP10P2] Jan 09th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Damage output of “Desert Hound” on low level charcter seems to be abnormally, bug is fixed

2. Bugs related to Tower of Dead B3F are fixed

3. Fixed the bug related to “Option Scroll Cube (Highest)” output

4. Fix the bug that caused unable to get “Most Charmed One” achievement when wearing Amber Charm +7

5. Fix the bug related to sorting feature of Auction Hall


1. Remove quest in Forgotten Temple B1F

  • Remove the payment for “Hermit’s Letter” quest in dungeon (1,000,000 Alz)

2. Change the option of Tempus’s Ring

  • Hit:
    • Old : 50
    • Change : 100
  • Penetrating:
    • Old : 10
    • Change : 50


3. Increase the success rate of making Combined Amber Charms

4. Change that impossible to turn off Astral Weapon skills

5. Change the description of some achievements

6. Change texts of some quest in Tower of Dead B3F dungeon

  Mission War

1. Change the location of Information Window in Mission War lobby

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