[KR] [EP10] Nov 21st 2012 Patch notes

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1. Fix bug related to Holy Water of Traveller that caused the moving speed did not apply

2. Fix the bug that caused unable to achieve the Legacy Weapon achievement


1. Skill rebalance

i) Blader

  • Assault
    • Increase 50 Hit per skill level

ii) Wizard

  • Double Caster
    • Adjust Damage of PVP to 80% compare with previous update

iii) Force Archer

  • Twin Gunner Attack
    • Increase the value of Add Damage by 1.2 per level (was 14.2 per level)
    • Increase 33 Hit per skill level

iv) Force Shielder

  • Crushing Blade
    • Change the maximum value of Increase Critical Damage to 60% at level 20
  • Shield Charge
    • Increase 50 Hit per skill level
    • Add option to reduce Resist Critical Chance of target (at Level 20 gives -21% for 5s)

2. Mission Battle UI improvements

  • Ladder tab
    • Change Battlefield Ladder information message
    • Display the remaining time of “in-progress” battles in Yellow (was White)
  • The History Tab
    • Display more details
  • Ranking tab
    • Add▲ indication icon for player who entered the Ladder for the first time

3. Stop Skill Training for 0Alz event

4. NPC stops selling some items

  • Damage Reduction Potion
  • Hit Potion
  • Penetrating Potion
  • Stats Reset Potion

5. Disable the ability of using for some potions

  • Damage Reduction Potion
  • Hit Potion
  • Penetrating Potion

  Mission War

1. Stop Mission War Entering Fee for 0Alz event

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