[EU] 6th Anniversary Event Spoiler

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Source : Cabal EU Forum

Viral has gone post deleting mad all because the Ita GM posted it there first.

Short version is all entries are 3hr there is beads ranging from 1hr to 1 TG. capes +6-8 will drop either 1 day 3 day or permi (that shoudl be 1 day 3 day and never going to drop the permi version) possible slot extenders aswel, Cores with duration and potions duration again. PI Boss is invading the maps (Most likely set to full agressive mode like the last time the PI boss came to all maps = instat death for all those below lvl 160 unless thay have end game gear) oh and the completely fugly sweet costume and hat and the birthday ring (3days). All those who hack and farm high end dungeons that gives AP as rewards will get stronger (Yet again) while leaving those who do not do that weaker and poorer as normal. They should rename this game to Cabal: Revolution of the Rich and Lucky.

Quoted from Cabal EU Forum

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