[EU] [Cash Shop] Costume Rotation in the Item Shop

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The following costumes are now available on all services!

  • Mithril Martial
  • Mithril Battle
  • Mithril Armour
  • Secret Agent
  • Raging Fist
  • Kendo

LOCATION: Costumes >> Premium Costumes
PRICE: 27,000 CC (Permanent)

We also have the popular Wild West Hat back into the shop! Grab yours now!

 Costumes >> Hats and Masks
PRICE: 5,000 CC (permanent)

Capella Nation
 costumes are also now available. Show off your pride as a member of the Capella with one of these great costumes from the Mission War!

Location: Costumes >> Nation Costumes
Price: 27,000 CC (permanent)



For preview of costumes you can check here : http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?186641-CABAL-Shop-Fancy-Items

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