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Source : Cabal Online EU Forum

The 3rd Awakening has arrived on CABAL EU, and this update brought a ton of fantastic new content! One week after the patch you should already be on your way to 190, or collecting Stain Clones for that cool Battle Mode 3! But the update has more, and it’s up to you to explore and tell us. Use your creativity and skills to show us which part of the new update you like the most!

Taking part is simple: Just take a screenshot of your favourite part of the new update. Post it in this thread, and you can win some Blessing Beads to help you on your journey through Nevareth. The best screenshots (they can be edited if you choose) will win.

1st: 30days BB Plus
2nd: 15days BB Plus
3rd: 7days BB Plus

The deadline for entries is the 20th of May. We will announce the winners on 23th of May. The decision will be made based on the idea behind the screenshot, and your creativity counts as much as the work you put in it or your graphics skills. As always this event is open for all language versions.

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