[SEA] Bug Exploit and Banned Accounts

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Source : Cabal SEA

Dear Cabalists,

The developers have detected a bug exploit in the game and the developers have performed a mass ban on ALL affected accounts. The developers and the CabalSEA team will be dedicating all available resources to complete the investigations into these accounts. Bug exploiters will be permanently banned, and no appeals will be entertained.

Investigations will be carried out on all these accounts, and we will be promptly releasing accounts that are not directly involved in the bug exploit.


Our joint effort will work tirelessly to release these accounts, and we plead for your patience as we complete our investigations into these accounts.

– CabalSEA Administrator


  1. but this bug make almost 99% of mars population from cabalsea extinction.most pro player +skilled player blocked due to this problem.. this only happen to mars server ( got alot 10b and 50b title around)


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