[US] CABAL Episode VII : The 3rd Awakening presents: The Race to 190!

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Souce : http://cabal.com/Notice/Detail?boardIdx=2603

Champions of Nevareth,

CABAL Episode VII: The 3rd Awakening is on the way, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are rewarding the first player to reach level 190 with a true staple of the latest update.

The first player to reach level 190 on their server will receive their choice of the following:

Ring of Luck +3
Critical Ring +3

These items have no duration; the winner of this event will be able to treasure their chosen item forever. The race is on.

These powerful, brand new items are only available in CABAL Episode VII: The 3rd Awakening.

Prepare yourselves, Champions. The 3rd Awakening begins on March 7th.

*Note: The winners will be publicly announced and will receive their prizes within 48 hours of completion. All prizes will be character bound.

CABAL Support Team


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