Korean Feb 22th 2012 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. BSLV Up at level 90 quests of some characters compensate abnormally EXP
2. SP of characters in Party Information Box displayed abnormally
3. Bug related to cooltime of Fury Potion
4. Bugs related to crafting titles / achievements

■ Changes

1. Change the rule of naming Cabal Screenshot file

  • Old : Cabal(version_date_time)
  • New : Cabal(date_time_version)

■ Additions

1. Add the special inventory for users of Cabal Premium PC Room service


2 comments on “Korean Feb 22th 2012 Patch notes

  1. Defuze says:

    what does it mean by “Cabal Premium PC Room service` can we stack items now ? such as cores?


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